Alpha Dawn
Skill TypeBiosocial
Psychologists study personality development, the history of psychological problems and the science of psychological research. Graduate school provides rigorous preparation for a career in psychology by teaching students how to diagnose mental and emotional disorders in varying situations. Skilled psychologists also posses skills around methods of treatment, analytical testing, problem-solving techniques, psychological theory and behavioral therapy.

Someone with this skill can make character judgement rolls to try to divine alternative motivations that go beyond what the target is communicating vocally. It may allow them to pick out truths and lies but is not nearly as reliable as the Dralasite talent to detect lies.

Success rate: INT + skill level - target PER

Empathy allows a character to get a general impression of the mood and intentions of individuals or groups. In order to use this skill, the specialist must be able to see or hear the individual or group. The information that a character gains by using this skill is very vague and non-specific. The referee should use descriptions like hostile, curious, cautious, helpful, neutral. etc.

Empathy can be used by a character only once per encounter. If two characters in the group have this skill, each can try to use their empathy subskill.

Success rate: (PER / 2) - 5 + skill level

Psycho-pathology subskill lets the specialist try to help characters or creatures that are psychologically disturbed. Extreme fright, isolation, or even unusual air and food chemistry can seriously affect an explorer's mental condition. A psycho-pathologist can help characters recover their confidence or forget their traumatic experiences. The specialist also can determine what will reassure or frighten an alien or primitive.

Success Rate: (LDR / 2) + 5 + skill level

In order to hypnotize a character, the hypnotist must be able to speak to the subject in a common language without a translator.

If the person being hypnotized is willing, this is the only requirement. If the subject does not realize he is being hypnotized, he gets to make an Intuition check. If he passes the check, the subject realizes what is happening and can not be hypnotized. If he fails the check, he can be hypnotized normally. No one can be hypnotized against his will if he realizes he is being hypnotized.

A character may try to hypnotize only one subject at a time. Hypnotizing someone takes 1 d1 0 minutes. The hypnotist can try to hypnotize a willing subject a second time if the first attempt fails. If the subject is unwilling, the hypnotist gets only one chance to hypnotize him. If the attempt fai ls, the subject gets to make another Intuition check to realize what has happened.

Hypnosis can be used to give a character a + 10 modifier on all rolls to hit in melee. This effect lasts one hour, and can be used on a character only once every 20 hours.

Hypnosis also can be used as an anesthetic. A wounded character that is hypnotized can ignore the wound modifier in combat. This effect lasts 1d10 hours and can be used on a character only once every 20 hours.

A hypnotist's most powerful ability is suggestion. A hypnotized subject will believe almost anything the hypnotist tells him. The hypnotized character will not do something that is against his moral code or religion, but he can be tricked into doing things he would not normally do. The hypnotist must give the subject a good reason to do something unusual, or convince him that the situation is not exactly as it seems. For example, a hypnotized guard will not let unauthorized persons into a restricted area. If the hypnotist tells the guard that he is authorized but has forgotten his pass, the guard will let him in.

Success rate: (LDR / 2) - 5 + skill level

Persuasion lets a character try to convince a person or group to follow a reasonable course of action suggested by the character. The character must explain his plan to the group or person being persuaded. If the character must use a translator, he has a - 10% modifier.

A character can try to persuade a group or individual only once. If the character misses his roll by 50 points or more, his audience will get mad and might try to do something that is the opposite of what the character wanted.

Success rate: (LDR / 2) - 5 + skill level

This subskill can be used when a character must communicate with a creature whose language he does not speak or understand. If the character uses this subskill successfully, he can communicate using very simple messages. The referee might force players to use simple messages by restricting them to two-word phrases.

Success rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level

This subskill can be used against a target to confuse them. The character speaks to the target in ways that are intended to throw the target off-kilter and confuse them in some way. They might use logic, warped logic or complete gibberish to achieve the result. The effect of the attack will be determined by the GM. The attempt will automatically fail if the target's LOG is higher than the character's PER.

Success rate: (PER / 2) + skill level - target's LOG