Alpha Dawn
First Aid
Skill:First Aid
Skill TypeNone
Those with this skill have a subset of the Medic skills.

Success Rate: 100%

Three drugs are covered under this subskill: stimdose. staydose and telol.

A first aid specialist can use one dose of stimdose to wake up an unconscious or stunned character, or to restore 10 Stamina points to a character that was poisoned or contracted a disease or infection. Stimdose can only be given by a medic or first aid specialist . If more than one dose is given in a 20-hour period, the second dose has no effect.

A first aid specialist can use one dose of staydose to place an individual in a state of arrested animation. A character whose Stamina has been reduced to 0, but not below -30, will be brought back to life by the drug if it is injected within one minute (1 0 turns) after death. The staydose slows down the character's heartbeat and breathing so he can survive with no Stamina points. If the character's Stamina is brought back above 0 within 24 hours. he will live. If not. the character dies. Only one dose of staydose can be given to a
character. until his Stamina is raised above 0.

Telol is a truth drug. Only a medic or first aid specialist can administer it correctly. There is an 80% chance the telol will work. If it does, the injected character will answer up to five simple questions, using simple answers. An injected character passes out for 1d10 hours, whether the drug works or not.

Success Rate: LOG + 20 + skill level

A first aid specialist can heal 10 points of wound damage automatically by using one dose of biocort plus any appropriate items from a medkit or first aid kit (local anesthetics. plastiflesh spray, etc.). Only one shot of biocort can be given to a character in a 20-hour period. If a second shot is given within 20 hours, it has no effect. If a character suffered more than 10 points of damage, they must undergo major or minor surgery to heal him completely. Biocort has no effect on poisons. infections or diseases.