Alpha Dawn
Skill TypeMilitary
Camouflage is the art of concealing a large area, structure, or vehicles outside in natural cover. A vehicle painted a camouflage coloration pattern can be very difficult to see. A structure that is covered with vegetation and shaded correctly is almost invisible until you get close to it. The use of Tracking to cover tracks leading to the structure or vehicle is sometimes necessary to complete the camouflage. If the skill check is made, then there is no chance for an observer who is far away for flying above to see the camouflaged item or structure. The referee may modify this as he wishes for type of optics used, distance, etc. Any characters inside a camouflaged structure or vehicle are considered concealed. The referee should note that what is camouflage for one terrain type might draw attention in another. The skill check for Camouflage is secretly rolled by the referee. This is because the character will not know if he is successful until someone else spots or misses the camouflaged structure or item.

Success Rate: (INT / 2) + skill level