Alpha Dawn
Animal Taming
Skill:Animal Taming
Skill TypeBiosocial
This skill gives a character the chance to tame a wild animal. Once tamed, the animal can only be used as a beast of burden or herd animal, unless the Animal Training skill is used to make it a pet or companion. Some types of creatures are more difficult to train than others. This will be reflected as negative modifiers to the roll.

Success Rate: (PER / 2) + 10 + skill level

Taming a creature can be time consuming and dangerous. The time required depends on the size and type and is left to the referee's discretion. If a character fails the skill check he must roll 1d100. 01-25 means that the creature attacks the character attempting to tame it.

A character failing a skill check may try again on the same creature after a suitable period of time has elapsed, with a -10 modifier. Once three skill checks have been missed on the same creature, it is consider untameable.

Taming a creature requires the character with the Animal Taming skill to work with the animal day after day. If he misses more than two days of taming time, the creature returns to its original state. Once tamed, however, an animal remains so unless abandoned. Just because a creature is tamed does not mean it does not require a cage, pen, or corral, it simply means that the creature will not attack unless unusually provoked.