Alpha Dawn
Combat Luck
Skill:Combat Luck
Skill TypeNone
Combat luck is not really a skill. It is an esoteric concept that reflects that lucky things can happen to you. Each level of Combat Luck gives you either a Luck Point or a Fate point to spend to offset a really unlucky occurrence (which need not be combat related but usually is).
  • Level 1 - 1 Luck point
  • Level 2 - 2 Luck points
  • Level 3 - 2 Luck points and 1 Fate point
  • Level 4 - 3 Luck points and 1 Fate point
  • Level 5 - 4 Luck points and 1 Fate point
  • Level 6 - 4 Luck points and 2 Fate points
  • Level 7 - 5 Luck points and 2 Fate points
  • Level 8 - 5 Luck points and 3 Fate points

Luck points and Fate points are "spent" to counter unlucky events or force a serendipitous happenstance. The Referee is the final arbiter on whether the use of a Luck point or Fate point is allowed in a given situation.

All spent Luck points return automatically one the first day of the following months (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov). Spent Fate points return six months after being spent (the Referee will keep track of spent points and let you know when you have recovered them).

LUCK Points - Use these points in one of the following ways (uses 1 point):
  • The player may choose to re-roll a single die roll of their choice. The roll must have been one that was made by them, or one that was made for a beneficial effect on them.
  • The player may attempt to use a Luck point to force their opponent to reroll one of their die rolls. If the opponent has an available Luck point, they can use it to counter the attempt. Both Luck points are used and the original roll stands. Note that the player may not use a second Luck point to counter the counter.
  • The player may use a Luck point to modify an existing percentile die roll by plus or minus 5. In combat, can increase quality of roll by 1 stage (miss to hit, hit to crit if roll is low enough) but can't improve normal hit to grievous.
  • The player may use a Luck point to stabilize their character after going to zero or negative hit points (unconscious or dying).

Only "significant" NPC's should have any chance of having Luck points. Normal NPC's do not have Luck points.

Fate Points - These points are one of the most powerful tools in a player character's life. By use of these points, a player may choose to change fate. They may choose the success or failure of ANYone die roll. Be it their own, a fellow party members, or the GM’s! Because of the power involved, these points are only regained six months (real time) after they are used. So, if a player with 2 Fate points were to use a one on August 5th, it will come back on Feb 5th of the following year. Please note: The GM has final say in this power. If the GM declares that Fate Points cannot be used in a given situation, they cannot be used.