Alpha Dawn
Prerequisite:Biology 5
Skill TypeBiosocial
A character with this skill is schooled in the branch of biology that deals with heredity and variations in similar or related animals or plants. A geneticist who creates the proper environment and spends an adequate amount of time can cross-breed two similar plants or creatures to create a new plant or creature (like a tiger and a lion forming a liger); the time and environment required is at the referee's discretion. After the fulfillment of the required time, the player must make a skill check to succeed with his experiments.

Even if the experiments work, there is a 10% chance that the creature or plant has an aberration (deformity, psychological instability, etc.) Only a character with Genetics can create a new life form this way and name it. This skill is also necessary in a character specializing in a medical background who wishes to do work on virus research and immunology. Bioengineering, that is genetically "improving" or altering characters or future characters for the purpose of creating a "super soldier," is illegal. It is known that the Sathar have perfected an improved, bioengineered "super Sathar." Any facet of a campaign that deals with genetics should be handled by a geneticist.

Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level