Alpha Dawn
Weird Talent - Ciara
Skill:Weird Talent - Ciara
Skill TypeNone
Ciara's weird talent is Environmental Empathy. She can sense harmful things that have occurred in her immediate vicinity as long as she is in a natural setting. This aspect of the talent is passive in that if Ciara walks through an area that has seen harm to the environment, the referee will roll her Environmental Empathy skill and, if successful, tell her that she senses that something happened here that was "unnatural". This could have been anything from a battle using weapons that caused damage to the trees and rocks in the area to the site of a nuclear strike.

As her skill grows, not only does her empathy have a better chance of success, but her range and depth also increase:
  • Level 1 - Must be in physical contact with the areas of harm, which must have occurred within the past 40 hours.
  • Level 2 - Range increases to 10 meters and depth increases to 200 hours.
  • Level 3 - Range increases to 40 meters and depth increases to 20 days (400 hours).
  • Level 4 - Range increases to 100 meters and depth increases to 100 days (1 month).
  • Level 5 - Range increases to 500 meters and depth increases to 400 days (1 year).
  • Level 6 - Range increases to 1 kilometer and depth increases to 5 years.
  • Level 7 - Range increases to 5 kilometers and depth increases to 20 years.
  • Level 8 - Range increases to 10 kilometers and depth increases theoretically to unlimited but the further back in time, the higher the degree of fogginess of vision.

Success Rate: (INT / 2) + skill level

Another aspect of her talent is the ability to concentrate on any location and get a sense of things that may have transpired in the past that are "unnatural", such as vehicle driving by or even people walking by carrying technological items or other "unnatural" equipment.

Use the table above for depth (how far in the past the event occurred). For range, she must be at the location where she wants to view the past. In addition to the Retrocognition skill roll, the referee will make a clarity roll as well. The higher the roll, the clearer the vision.

Success Rate: (INT / 2) - 10 + skill level

If the Retrocognition roll fails, Ciara cannot try again for (10 - level) hours.

That looks like what I was thinking about. I do have a few thoughts/suggestions.

First, the range feels right but the depth is shallower than I imagined. At rank 8, the furthest back she could sense is only a year. I would think when she's really attuned she might be able to sense a battle from 500 years ago. Instead of depth being about time, maybe it's about how significant the event was to the environment.
For instance, a nuclear blast would leave a huge impression that would be obvious even to Ciara at rank 1. Whereas someone camping a couple weeks ago and littered around the area would take a lot of sensitivity to pick up. Thus only when she's higher rank would she be able to pick up subtle things.

The other change I'd suggest is allowing varying degrees of success so that there's a small chance to significantly change the results.
Normally she'd achieve the prescribed level of sensitivity and range but if you roll well she'd be able to sense with greater clarity about things that happened outside of her normal empathic abilities. Along with that, she might roll poorly on this roll thus instead of the results she typically gets, she'll get only murky, opaque results.

I could also see that at higher ranks she's able to have a short conversation with the environment through her thoughts. Almost like her thoughts are helping the environment sort through its feelings and get clarity about what happened.

I'll put this out there though I'm probably overloading her edge at this point, but I could see that with this sensitivity comes a downside. Perhaps if an area is in pain, she'll be distracted by the emotions of the area. Maybe it causes a negative skill modifier while in the area. Maybe it might even cause pain if she tries to actively tap into the feelings of an area.

I don't know if she'll ever get to higher ranks in this game so I think it would be fun to at least have really interesting tidbits come out in this adventure. Maybe this edge implies that the GM can use this a vehicle to add to the adventure. :)