Alpha Dawn
Prerequisite:Bluff of equal level
Skill TypeBiosocial
This skill teaches the character the proper use of disguise for the purposes of bluffing. When bluffing while using a disguise, use the Disguise success rate. The level of the Disguise skill for this purpose cannot exceed that of the Bluff skill. For example, a Star Lawman is trying to pass himself off as a hood to gain the confidence of a known felon. He has Bluff Level 3 and Disguise Level 2, therefore he uses the Disguise Level 2 as his success rate to bluff. If he had a Bluff Level 2 and a Disguise Level 3, he still would use a Disguise Level 2 success rate, because you cannot disguise yourself to bluff higher than the Bluff skill. Only when both the Bluff and Disguise Levels are 3 can the character use the normal success rate.

The Disguise skill includes the proper use of makeup, artificial hair, prostheses, and costumes.

The chance to penetrate a disguise is based on the target's INT.

Success Rate: (PER / 2) + 10 + skill level

Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level