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AcousticsThis skill allows the character to build and repair white noise generators, noise insulators and bafflers, and sonic-protection gear (headphones, helmet liners, and so forth). BUILDING ACOUSTIC DEVICES
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + skill level No more than one item can be constructed per week, but the price in materials is 10% less than the normal item cost. REPAIRING ACOUSTIC DEVICES
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + 10 + skill level When repairing acoustic devices, use the standard repair rule.
AcrobaticsAcrobatics skill helps characters form human ladders, walk tightropes and perform dangerous movements. Base success rate assumes a maneuver of moderate difficulty. The referee will apply modifiers for other maneuvers. ACROBATICS
Success Rate: (DEX / 2) + 10 + skill level Someone skilled with acrobatics is also skilled with the use of ropes. ROPE WORK
Success Rate: (DEX / 2) + skill level
AdministrationThis skill covers bureaucracies and administration of all kinds. The character has knowledge of how bureaucracies work and how to get past bureaucratic obstacles. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level BYPASS BUREAUCRATIC OBSTACLE
Success Rate: (LDR / 2) + skill level
Analyze Animal BehaviorA character with this skill can, if given four turns of observation, make an analysis of whether an animal is aggressive or harmless. Further observation, for 1d10 hours, can also inform the character of whether an animal's den or lair is nearby and what its eating, drinking, and other habits are. For a complete analysis of a creature and how it fits into its surrounding environment, the character would have to use the Analyze Ecosystem skill. ANALYZING ANIMAL BEHAVIOR
Success Rate: (INT / 2) +
Analyze EcosystemThis skill allows a character, after spending at least 200 hours studying an area, to accurately analyze an ecosystem. An ecosystem study encompasses the interactions of all the plants and animals that make up the local environment. If an ecosystem is upset or out of balance, entire species can become extinct and whole regions devastated by floods, droughts, or other natural disasters. In analyzing an ecosystem the character can determine if it is balanced and, if not, how to restore the balanc
Animal TamingThis skill gives a character the chance to tame a wild animal. Once tamed, the animal can only be used as a beast of burden or herd animal, unless the Animal Training skill is used to make it a pet or companion. Some types of creatures are more difficult to train than others. This will be reflected as negative modifiers to the roll. TAMING CREATURES
Success Rate: (PER / 2) + 10 + skill level Taming a creature can be time consuming and dangerous. The time required depends on the size and type an
Animal TrainingA character making a successful check with this skill can train a tamed animal. Training includes teaching an animal to carry a rider and obey riding commands, to guard a location and only allow known characters to pass, or to follow a command word. Commands are simple instructions such as "fetch", "attack", "return", etc. and simple nouns, like weapon, Vrush, box, etc. TEaching an animal requires days, sometimes weeks, of work. The time required depends on the intelligence of the animal and wh
AppraisalsThis skill allows a character to appraise the worth of rare and valuable items (artwork, antiques, books, exotic weapons, etc.) to within 10% of their normal cost. APPRAISING ITEMS
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level
ArchaeologyThis skill is the scientific study of the life and culture of ancient peoples, through examination of excavations of ancient cities, relics, and artifacts. A success skill check allows a character to tell the approximate age of an item, what its use might have been, and what the race was like who used it. This is all subject to varying factors, of course, such as the alienness of the item to the character or cases of extreme antiquity. If an entire site is being studied, a number of successful
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