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PersuasionPersuasion lets a character try to convince a non-player character or group to follow a reasonable course of action he suggests. The character must explain his plan to the group or person being persuaded, not just mention it to them. If the character uses some sort of translator, he has a -10 modifier. A character can try to persuade a group or individual only once. If the character misses his roll by 30 points or more, his audience gets mad and might do just the opposite of what the character
PhotographyAny character can use photographic and holo-vid equipment, but when a difficult shot is needed this skill is a must. It includes knowledge of most types of photographic equipment: film, lenses, filters, lights, etc., how to care for and clean the equipment, and how to set up remote and timed shots. Difficult photographic shots are not just made by reporters tracking down celebrities, they are also made by private investigators and Star Lawmen who need photographic evidence. Any character who wa
PhysicsA character with this skill is schooled in the science dealing with the properties, changes, interactions, etc. of matter in any form (gas, liquid, solid, and plasma) and energy (electricity, heat, optics, mechanics, etc.) and atomic, nuclear, and solid state physics. This also includes knowledge of momentum, velocity, reflection, refraction, and gravity. Physics is a prerequisite skill for other fields of knowledge (Acoustics, Optics, etc.). In addition, this skill also allows the character to
PoliticsThis skill gives the character a chance to know the history and due process of federation and planetary politics. This includes knowledge of political bigwigs, their aids, and how honest they all are. It also gives knowledge of the finer arts of political maneuvering, the basics of speech making, and allows the character a skill check on local politics after he has spent at least one day on a planet. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level
PsychologistPsychologists study personality development, the history of psychological problems and the science of psychological research. Graduate school provides rigorous preparation for a career in psychology by teaching students how to diagnose mental and emotional disorders in varying situations. Skilled psychologists also posses skills around methods of treatment, analytical testing, problem-solving techniques, psychological theory and behavioral therapy. Someone with this skill can make character jud
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