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Radio OperatorAny character can operate a chronocom, radiophone, poly-vox, or progit-linked communication device. This skill allows the character to identify and operate the larger audio communication devices, such as subspace radios, space beacons, and broadcast stations. Operating a comm-device includes turning it on and using it to do anything it was designed to do. It also gives the character knowledge of standard signal codes and jargon used by professional communications men. The chance to succeed incl
RoboticistA robotics expert specializes in robots. Robots are complex, mobile machines that are designed to perform specific jobs. Many types of robots are available. Eight common types are described in the Equipment section. The referee can create new types if he wants them. The robotics skill has nine subskills: Identify, Add Equipment, Repair, Activate/ Deactivate, Remove Security lock, Ust Functions, Alter Function and Alter Mission. If the robot is an alien design, then the robotics expert has a -20
RunningThis skill increases the running speed and endurance of a character. Run speed is increased by 1 meter per turn per level with this skill. Thus, a human, who can normally run 20 meters per turn, can run 24 meters per turn if they are rank 4 with this skill. A character can normally run at top speed for a number of minutes equal to his Strength score divided by 10, rounded up. At the end of this time, someone with this skill can attempt a skill roll each turn to continue running at full speed. T
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