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WeaponsmithThis skill allows a character to maintain and repair weapons that he knows how to use (has a skill level with that weapon). Since many of the new weapons are technological marvels, their repair may require tools, materials, and time that are not readily available. This depends on the amount and type of damage that was done to the weapon and is left to the referee's discretion. At higher levels of both Weaponsmith and the appropriate weapons skills, the character can modify or even build weapons
Weapons: Beam WeaponsBEAM WEAPONS skill applies to electrostunners, heavy lasers, laser pistols, laser rifles, sonic devastators, sonic disruptors and sonic stunners.
Weapons: Gyrojet WeaponsGYROJET WEAPONS skill applies to gyrojet pistols, gyrojet rifles, grenade rifles. grenade mortars and rocket launchers.
Weapons: Melee WeaponsMELEE WEAPONS skill applies to axes, brass knuckles, chains, clubs, swords, electric swords, sonic swords, knives, sonic knives, vibroknives. nightsticks, polearms, shock gloves, spears. stunsticks and whips.
Weapons: Projectile WeaponsPROJECTILE WEAPONS skill applies to automatic pistols and rifles, bows, muskets, needler pistols and rifles, machine guns and recoilless rifles.
Weapons: Thrown WeaponsTHROWN WEAPONS skill applies to all grenades and thrown axes, knives and spears.
Weird Talent - CiaraCiara's weird talent is Environmental Empathy. She can sense harmful things that have occurred in her immediate vicinity as long as she is in a natural setting. This aspect of the talent is passive in that if Ciara walks through an area that has seen harm to the environment, the referee will roll her Environmental Empathy skill and, if successful, tell her that she senses that something happened here that was "unnatural". This could have been anything from a battle using weapons that caused dam
Weird Talent - MykelThis skill can only be taken by Mykel Dronvere as it represents his Edge. Each level grants a new ability
Level 1 - Immune to minor diseases such as the common cold, flu, etc. +5 to all resistance rolls to all other diseases. Level 2 - Healing rate is 3 STA per day of rest instead of the normal 1 STA per day (20 hours). Even if not resting, he will heal at 1 STA per day. Level 3 - +10 to all resistance rolls to disease. Harmful effects of poisons and inimical drugs reduced by 25% For example,
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