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Battle DressThe character is skilled at operating advanced battle armor. Level 0 (no skill) - Skeinsuits, albedo suits
Level 1 - Basic powered armor with minimal functionality (no weapons)
Level 2 - Powered armor with minor functionality (no weapons)
Level 3 - Powered armor with HUD and single weapon
Level 4 - HUD, 1-2 weapons, advanced movement
Level 5 - HUD, 2-3 weapons, flight
Level 6 - HUD, weapons, high speed flight
Level 7 - HUD, weapons, rocket flight
Level 8 - Any battle armor
BiologyA character who is a botanist and a zoologist can use these skills as a foundation for becoming a biologist (at least 2 levels in each is required). Biology skill allows for the integration of the two sciences and is an introductory skill for other skills, such as Exobiology and Analyzing Ecosystems. Furthermore, a biologist will be able to discern information in the following areas from a specimen: organ functions, effects of glands and hormones, chemical makeup, vitamins and proteins, life fu
BionicsA surgeon with this skill can attach a bionic part to a living organism. The most common uses of bionics are as replacements for lost limbs or organs. The time required to heal from such an operation and learn how to use a bionic limb is weeks, sometimes months (referee's discretion). ATTACHING BIONIC PART
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + 10 + skill level REPAIRING BIONIC PART
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + 15 + skill level
BluffA bluff is loosely defined as a lie, evasion, or convincing somone that you are something or someone you are not. Any character attempting a bluff who does not have this skill uses the base chance of success. The more difficult the bluff, the greater the negative modifier to the skill. A character with this skill is smoother and more confident in his bluff if the bluff is plausible. For example, an Ifshnit saving he is really a magically transformed Osakar is just plain silly. But an adventurer
Body SpeakThis skill allows a character to use exaggerated body movement as a form of communication with others possessing this skill. It is most useful when the characters wish to communicate while keeping completely silent (as in laying an ambush) or at a distance where even shouting cannot be heard but radio silence is desirable. Simple phrases can be used, like "". Only character with Body Speak can understand it. Since body speak uses universal symbols, anyone with the skil
BotanyA character with this skill is schooled in the science of plants, their life, structure, growth, classification, etc. Only a character with Botany can name a new plant life form or use a Bioscanner to analyze a botanical sample. A successful Botany analysis indicates the type of plant the sample is and whether it is edible or poisonous. A botanist making a successful skill check when inquiring about a plant's potential medicinal or poisonous properties is told which of these uses the plant may
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