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DemolitionsThere are two subskills to the demolitions skill: set charge and defuse charge. Only a character with demolitions skill can legally buy or use explosives or detonators. Tornadium D-19, sometimes called kaboomite, is the standard explosive. SETTING CHARGES
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + 5 + skill level Only characters with demolitions skill can set charges. The number of turns needed to set a charge is the character's skill level subtracted from seven. At 1st level, a character needs six turns to set
DisguiseThis skill teaches the character the proper use of disguise for the purposes of bluffing. When bluffing while using a disguise, use the Disguise success rate. The level of the Disguise skill for this purpose cannot exceed that of the Bluff skill. For example, a Star Lawman is trying to pass himself off as a hood to gain the confidence of a known felon. He has Bluff Level 3 and Disguise Level 2, therefore he uses the Disguise Level 2 as his success rate to bluff. If he had a Bluff Level 2 and a
DramaticsThe use of the Dramatics skill is similar to that of the Disguise skill. A character with Dramatics, combined with the Bluff and Disguise skills of at least the same level as the Dramatics skill, can increase his chance of bluffing another character or a group into believing he is someone else. When attempting this type of bluff, the character will use the Dramatics skill success rate. DRAMATICS
Success Rate: (PER / 2) + skill level
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