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FinanceThis skill gives the character a chance to know the past and present history of mega-corps, their subsidiaries and holdings, to be able to read and prepare financial records and credit ratings, to know how to manipulate credit and financial investments. If the character does not know the information himself, he knows where he can do research to find out, though this can do research to find out, though this can sometimes take months of study. This information includes knowledge of mega-crop bigw
Find DirectionsAn environmental specialist can try to find directions in a wilderness without a compass or other aid. If the specialist makes a map or marks a trail (by cutting notches in trees or lining up rocks), his chance to find a direction on that path is increased 30%. FINDING DIRECTIONS
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 15 + skill level
First AidThose with this skill have a subset of the Medic skills. ADMINISTERING DRUGS
Success Rate: 100% Three drugs are covered under this subskill: stimdose. staydose and telol. A first aid specialist can use one dose of stimdose to wake up an unconscious or stunned character, or to restore 10 Stamina points to a character that was poisoned or contracted a disease or infection. Stimdose can only be given by a medic or first aid specialist . If more than one dose is given in a 20-hour period, the secon
Forensic MedicineThis skill allows a character to perform an autopsy on a deceased character or animal and determine what was the cause of death. This information, along with being able to interpret any other signs of violence on the corpse, what the victim ate the day of his death, and determining how long the victim has been dead, can be used as evidence in a court of law. If the character or animal was an unknown alien, then the skill level is reduced to Level /0 and the information may not be accepted as ev
ForgeryThis skill gives a character a chance both to forge passports, signatures, and documents, and detect forgeries. If this skill is combined with the Finance skill, the character also adds currency and stocks and bonds to the list. If this skill is combined with an Entertainment-Artist skill, the character also adds artwork to the list. DETECTING FORGERY
Success Rate: INT + skill level - skill level CREATING FORGERY
Success Rate: (LOG / 2) + skill level
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