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GemologyThis skill allows a character to appraise the worth of rare and valuable gems (which are often used for currency in uncivilized areas) to within 10% of their normal cost. He also is able to trace veins and locations of gems, plus identify their origins by their type and cut. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + 10 + skill level APPRAISING GEMS
Success Rate: (INT / 2) + skill level
GeneticsA character with this skill is schooled in the branch of biology that deals with heredity and variations in similar or related animals or plants. A geneticist who creates the proper environment and spends an adequate amount of time can cross-breed two similar plants or creatures to create a new plant or creature (like a tiger and a lion forming a liger); the time and environment required is at the referee's discretion. After the fulfillment of the required time, the player must make a skill che
GeologyA character with this skill is schooled in the science dealing with the physical nature and history of most types of planets, including the structure and development of their crust, the composition of their interiors, individual rock types, the forms of life found in fossils, etc. Only a character with Geology can name a new planet or mineral or use a geoscanner to analyze a geological sample. A successful geoscanner analysis (skill check) indicates what minerals are present in the sample and t
GeophysicsA character with this skill is schooled in the science that deals with the physics of a planet, including weather, winds, tides, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. and their effects on the planet. Only a character with Geophysics can name a new weather type found on an alien world or use equipment for the purpose of measuring and predicting the weather, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. Any facet of a campaign that deals with geophysics (potential natural hazards, a planet breaking up, etc.) should be han
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