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Quest for the Amber Key - Turn 3.6 - Fangora

Martin Vane
Morty Crystaltouched
Pellanistra Xarann
ShaarillaArmor Spell (3/5 hits)
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra Stellastrom
Although no one in the group is able to identify the magical arrows, someone has the idea to ask Malia. She takes one look at them and says that they are Arrows of Penetration, most likely with minor enchantment.
GM: +1 Arrows of Penetration work exactly the same way as +1 Arrows except that the target gets only half of their PROT (rounded up) against the damage. I have added the arrows to the magic item list under Shaarilla.

GM: I added the telescope to the magic item list under KC (even though it is not really a magic item).

Some of the group heads into the small town on Center Rock Port with the idea of selling the gems and jewelry. They quickly learn that Center Rock Port is not much of a hub for economic activity. They are unable to find anyone interested. The general store does not sell magic items. The group would be better off waiting until they reach Fangora to sell the gems and jewelry.

After resting the night in Center Rock Port, and after casting more healing, the group is feeling better. Barnas casts his Accelerate Healing spells on Tyra and Lani and then follows up with cure spells on Martin and Lani. After the night's rest and healing, no one is badly wounded though Tyra is still bloodied.

Shaarilla sets course for Fangora and the Star Sprite heads out into the Phlogiston once more. She flies the spelljammer for about 6 hours before the ship is in range of Syl's safe jump distance, at which time Syl plots the course and executes it. About 4 hours later, and about 10 hours after departing Center Rock Port, the group arrives at the city of Fangora at the edge of the kingdom of Celestian. Shaarilla brings the ship into a spelljammer landing field.

The group splits up with half remaining with the Star Sprite and the rest heading into the city to sell the gems and jewelry. The ever honest Barnas serves as bargainer. Using his skills, the group sells the 25 gems for a total of 6,000 silver and the jewelry for another 1,200 silver. Add this to the coins found on the ship and the group has a total of 10,700 silver from the scro ship.

GM: KC can send a Luck roll to see how successful he is in pursuing a bounty on the scro ship, both at Center Rock Port and, if unsuccessful there, in Fangora. He needs a 3x Luck roll for Center Rock Port and, if he fails there, a 2x Luck roll in Fangora. The better the luck roll, the better the reward.

GM: In Fangora, you will certainly be able to find all manner of magical arms and armor of minor enchantment (+1) and some of good enchantment (+2). You might also find other magical items such as Bracers and Rings of Protection and Defense. If you are interested in magic items, let me know what you are looking for and send a Luck roll for each item desired.

GM: I split up some of the treasure, giving everyone 1300 silver (minus tithe, if applicable). Morty paid off his debt to Lani (500 sp) and Shaarilla (100 sp).

LANI: Lani is interested in a magical mace better than her +1 mace [rolled 22 vs. LUCK 16, 2x roll], a magical longsword [rolled 8 vs. LUCK 16, MADE BY HALF!] and a Ring of Defense [rolled 36 vs. LUCK 16, 3x roll].
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