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The Doomed Oasis - Turn 3.5 - Intermission; Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - Turn 1.1 - The Haunted House

KCSpell Pool (7/7)
Martin VaneAccelerated Healing (3/3), Spell Pool (7/7), Armor (PROT 4, 5 hits) (HELD UNTIL ROUND 18 - CAN ATTACK ON ROUND 19)
Morty CrystaltouchedAccelerated Healing (1/3), Spell Pool (3/8)
Pellanistra XarannAccelerated Healing (1/3), Armor (PROT 5, 3 hits)
ShaarillaArmor (PROT 4, 5 hits)
Syllivarrna ObanghallArmor (PROT 4, 5 hits)
Tyra StellastromAccelerated Healing (3/3)

Potion of Extra Healing (Martin)
GM: First Aid takes 10 minutes so Tyra can make two attempts before the wall goes down.

TYRA (GM): Tyra would want to rest to recover her NL damage, which has the bonus of her getting back her endurance. Can she do that and still have time to attempt some bandaging?

MORTY TECH: Luck 19, [rolled 77 vs. LUCK 19, 5x roll], if I fail I presumably take 2d8 damage like the others [rolled 2 8 - Total: 10]. I assume you already made PER rolls against the caster for us?

MORTY: After the fighting dies down and we're starting to discuss options, "I think first aid is risky and difficult to make worth your efforts and time. Is there no way to bring down your wall sooner Shaarilla? I assume you don't have enough energy for a counterspell? The only reason I ask is because my angels will be gone about two minutes before your wall will drop, I think they actually did a great job, though not as likely to be useful against that caster. Not that I don't think the Wall was a very good move, it really was, it basically let us mop up and recover a bit before going after him. I don't suppose anyone got a good look at him?

SYL: Since she didn't get Held she can share the info. There should be less than 5 more creatures since at least one more got through (GM please confirm). She is really looking forward to lobbing a few Sunbursts down the hall and/or a Starfire specifically for the spell caster...

TYRA: "Yeah, I don't know if my bandaging helps enough with another fight minutes away. For healing, we have two potions of Extra Healing and Barnas has 2 Cure Light Wounds? Barnas, you can heal yourself with an additional Cure Light Wounds? Assuming that's correct, we'll have to be sparing with our healing. Additionally, I'd recommend keeping at least a Cure Light Wounds or a Potion of Extra Healing in reserve in case there is a critical wound in the following battle."

TYRA: "We should also talk about how to better prepare for when the wall comes down. I do like those angels of your Morty. That was quite helpful. Barnas, you have a Protection from Evil, right? Will that help us against those ghouls? I don't know much about undead but I've heard you all talk about their paralyzing touch so that seems fairly dangerous. It seems like this is a good time to use the Bless too. Syl, I know you're itching to use your Sunbursts which seems ideal before we charge in."

TYRA: For healing priority, Tyra suggests we determine who's going to be taking the brunt of the attacks and make sure they have been sufficiently healed. Lani, Syl and Tyra make sense as the primary three warriors that will be attacked. Lani and Syl have the immunity to ghoul's touch. Tyra, perhaps with the Protection from Evil, will be better protected. OOC, I can't remember if Protection from Evil protects against ghoul's touch or not. Tyra will likely draw more attacks so the boost in saving throw and -10 to hit will come into play a lot! I didn't put Martin into the top three since his defense is lower and has no immunity. He does have the best weapon and high damage potential so we'll want him to step up and help double-team as space allows. For how to use our healing, Tyra's down the most hit points so a Potion of Extra Healing seems best. Lani is down 21 hit points so maybe a CLW would be sufficient. The question is should we use the last CLW on Martin or Syl? We can keep the final Potion of Extra Healing in reserve. Barnas should use the heal charm's CLW on himself.

SHAARILLA: “Remember that the potions only work in here. We might as well use the potions of extra healing on anyone injured enough to get full value from them.”

BARNAS: Since his Healing Charm only works for him Barnas will use it on himself (after first aid if any) Healing Charm [rolled 4 2 (+4)- Total: 10]

BARNAS: He has one Protection from Evil... It does not block ghoul's touch, but it does make the person harder to hit which helps

BARNAS: He also has Bless. Which he will cast right before combat begins again.

BARNAS: Once the group figures out the healing priority it will use his healing spells and potions as directed.

GM: I haven't heard much more discussion on this so will assume that Tyra take a Potion of Extra Healing [rolled 8 7 2 5 (+4)- Total: 26] and Barnas casts CLW on Lani [rolled 2 2 (+4)- Total: 8]

LANI: "If we want the wall down sooner, Syl or I can attempt to dispel it," Lani suggests. "However, before we do so, I want to see if I can spy into the area back there to see what we are facing."

LANI: Cast Clairvoyance spell (one of her Drow spells so no cast roll needed but only 1 round of duration).

A hole in space appears in front of Lani and she peers through it. Only darkness can be seen by those with normal vision but for those with infravision, remote shapes can be seen. Lani sees three figures vaguely visible. They do not give off much heat but are distinguishable from their surroundings by their movement. The lack of heat makes it fairly clear to Lani that they are undead. Both figures are about 10 feet back from the wall at the point where the passage opens into a larger room. Then the spell winks out.

KC: (GM] I will slow cast an infravision on myself and go take a look. Infavision 1 spell point need 40 or less (no bonuses for slow casting added) rolled [rolled 65].

GM: There is no bonus for slow casting. The advantage of slow casting is that you have less chance of backfiring spells. I always assume that spells cast in combat are fast cast while those cast out of combat are slow cast unless the caster says otherwise.

MORTY: "I agree that Tyra and Lani should hold the tunnel entrance while Syl lobs as many sunbursts as she can down that tunnel, but I'm guessing that the caster will pull back behind cover so she'll have to do her best to catch him early. Once we're down to only 2 ghouls in sight and one of them double or triple teamed it will no longer be high priority to get the sunbursts off, so it might be worth it to save energy. Perhaps Martin can flank the tunnel entrance to attack the lead ghoul with less risk of being attacked himself, just stay out of reach until it seems focused on another target. It's too bad I can't fire my pistol at the caster past that melee at the front. Wait, don't you have a Levitate spell, Lani? Let's see, Shaarilla is almost out of energy and will need what she has to pilot the Star Sprite off this rock. If she runs out I can handle keeping it moving while she rests a bit. Any other spells anyone can think of that might help? I was thinking it might be great to put a wall BEHIND the caster to prevent him from falling back out of sight, but that has issues too, including the fact that I believe the only other Wall we can cast is a Wall of Darkness and Syl is going to be busy casting Sunburst. Ice construction would work but we need Shaarilla to save the last of her energy for piloting." Morty falls to mumbling as he continues trying to come up with options and plans.

MORTY (GM): How high is the ceiling in that tunnel again? I seem to recall not that high :( I'm thinking Levitate me up to near the ceiling and I might be able to get a couple of shots off, assuming that the Levitate lasts longer than 2 rounds and won't drop me right on top of the lead ghoul ;) Perhaps I could quickly juryrig a climbing harness with a few minutes prep to hold me up there?

LANI: "Sorry Morty, I don't have the ability to cast a Levitate spell."

GM: The ceiling in the main room is about 15 feet high. The narrow hallway where the zombies came from is only about 8 feet high. The ceiling over the stairs slants downwards but is about 15 feet high as it goes down.

MORTY (OOC): I'm also concerned that this tunnel is narrow enough we won't be able to get many people attacking the caster once we've cleared the ghouls. It might end up being just Tyra at the forefront able to attack, which will take quite some time, we need to come up with a way to help her or a way to convince the enemy to exit the tunnel, either toward us or away... Oh, and as far as having more stuff at our backs I'm sure anything that is hostile down here to attack us has already come. They have had dozens of rounds to do so and plenty of noise to alert them. I was actually concerned that there might be a back way around that the enemy would use to get around the wall and attack us while we were resting/prepping, but happily that doesn't seem to be the case.

GM: I'm mainly waiting to see if the group wants to investigate down the stairs or rest and wait for the wall to go down (or ask Lani or Syl to try to dispel it). My assumption is that you will wait for the wall to go down and then attack.

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