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Citadel of Fire - Turn 3.0 - Exploring the Tower

Martin Vane
Morty Crystaltouched
Pellanistra Xarann+1 STR (60 minutes)
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra Stellastrom
After the group leaves Zalara and returns to the stairs leading up, they stop so that Tyra can do first aid on everyone and Barnas can use his healing spells. The group has a lively discussion about whether they should have looted the alchemist chambers beyond taking the piece of the Crystal Wand. Morty brings up the point that the alchemist overreacted by sending demons against the group and then attacking under the influence of a powerful potion that made him a formidable opponent. Lani agrees that he overreacted but reiterates that the group had invaded his personal chambers. No one's minds are changed as a result of the debate but it makes it likely that the outcome may be different if a similar situation were to come up again.
Lani also asks Barnas about the dog (Finn). She was very involved in her own battle at the time but caught glimpses of Finn assisting against the other demon and asks if Barnas sent the dog to attack the demon. Barnas indicates that he did not and that the dog simply attacked the demon on its own. Perhaps Finn felt that the demon threatened Barnas and attacked for that reason.

The group reaches the next level of the tower. The stairs ascend into a luxurious bed chamber outfitted with very expensive furnishings and decorations. However, there is some sort of Wall of Force blocking the group from exiting the stairway to search the room. Similarly, another Wall of Force prevents them from ascending further. They examine the room as best as they can and though they see significant value in the furnishings of the room, they see nothing that might help them. Of course they are unable to search inside the chest, desk, wardrobe or other closed locations. They spend some time looking for ways to thwart the Wall of Force but nothing they try gets them past it. Eventually they are forced to descend to investigate the lower levels. Perhaps they will find something that will allow them past the invisible walls in the lower levels.

So they descend back down to the previous level where they encountered the former apprentices of the wizard who is now the Beast Maker. They make a quick stop to visit Moatak the Dapper and he confirms that the man they fought is almost certainly the alchemist. It was definitely not the Beast Maker.

The group descends cautiously to the next level down, which is likely the level where the black skeletons guarded the main entrance. The descending staircase ends in a great feasting hall filled with rich furnishings that are thickly covered with layers of dust. There are two doors leading out of the hall. One leads to the main kitchen which shows similar levels of disuse. The other leads to a hallway.

The next room the group investigates is clearly intended for slaves to be chained up for the night. It is occupied by a dozen skeletons who are all chained to the walls with manacles attached to the walls. As the group looks in, the skeletons climb to their feet and attempt to get to the group but are prevented by the chains.

The group continues to investigate the level. They find a room dedicated to kitchen stores with nothing edible remaining. Just a few rats and other vermin crawling over the long dead remains of carcasses that have not yet been picked completely clean. This room is also on the south side of the tower but there is no door leading to the guard toward that is likely just beyond the south wall.

Opening the next door lets out a terrible odor of death. In the room is a chimera that looks like it was in battle very recently and lost. It lies on the floor in a pool of blood. It is very clearly dead. Braving the stench, the group searches the room but determines that the room was recently searched and nothing valuable is found.

As the group exits the room to the main corridor to investigate the last remaining door, they hear sounds on the stairwell behind them. They turn and move towards the stairwell and are just in time to see an armored man of large size descending the stairs to the level below them. He was wearing plate mail and Tyra got a glimpse of a bloody broadsword before the man disappeared from sight around the curve of the spiral stair.

GM: Does the group want to go after the man or finish investigating this level? Also let me know if you want to react to any of the other rooms you investigated. You can assume that you briefly searched all of them and scanned for secret doors and compartments. You did not do in-depth searches of any room, just brief searches (a bit more than cursory but not in-depth).
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