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Citadel of Fire - Turn 3.8 - Village of Solar

BarnasCleric Pool (6/11)
Martin Vane
Morty CrystaltouchedSpell Store (Shadow Magic)
Pellanistra Xarann
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra Stellastrom
The group makes their way to Bright and Sparkly Jewelers to sell the gems that they found under the skeleton in the chair. Before entering however, The group stops on the grassy park between the jeweler and the tavern so that KC, Morty and Syl can examine the gems to understand their values.
There are a total of 12 gems:
  1. KC thinks about 500, Morty and Syl have no idea.
  2. KC thinks 500-600, Morty and Syl have no idea.
  3. Morty thinks 2000, KC is certain of 2000, Syl has no idea.
  4. KC thinks 1000-1200, Morty thinks 100-300, Syl has no idea.
  5. KC thinks 250, Morty concurs. Syl has no idea.
  6. KC think 50-100, Morty concurs, Syl has no idea.
  7. Morty thinks 75-100, Syl thinks 800-1000, KC has no idea.
  8. KC thinks 300, Morty concurs. Syl has no idea.
  9. Morty thinks 3000-4000. KC and Syl have no idea.
  10. KC and Morty think 2500. Syl concurs.
  11. Syl thinks 1000-1200. KC and Morty have no idea.
  12. KC thinks 1500-1800. Morty and Syl have no idea.

The group heads into the jewelry store. The plan is for Barnas to do the bartering while KC and Morty will point out the gem traits that they are certain of while trying to hide their ignorance of those they are less certain of or where there was a wide gap in their estimates.

The jewelry store is the nicest jewelry store you have every seen as well as the largest. The interior is certainly larger than the exterior of the building. There are at least three dozen patrons being assisted by a dozen or so gnome jewelers. The counters are all marble and glass. The floor behind the cases is high enough for the gnomes to easily speak face to face with their mostly human sized customers.

Having a gnome in the group does not improve your bartering but Barnas does a very good job anyway. He starts with gems 3, 9 and 10 which the group perceives as the most valuable. Morty and KC are able to speak knowledgeably about gems 3 and 10 to show that they know something about gems. The gnome is not likely impressed by their knowledge but knows that he is dealing with someone who at least knows something about the value of the gems. Barnas is eventually able to negotiate a price of 11,500 silver for the lot of 12 gems.

The group finds a quiet "money-changing" booth in the jewelry store and splits the treasure.

GM: Total haul is 16,921 silver. I will take the 921 and add it to the party treasury, bringing the party treasury up to 1,547 silver. That leaves 16,000 to be split 8 ways for 2,000 each or 1,800 each for those with tithing.

Barnas gets a total of 1800 after tithing, plus the 400 that Morty owes him, for a total of 2200 silver.
KC gets 1800 after tithing, plus the 400 that Morty owes him, for a total of 2200 silver.
Martin gets 1800 silver.
Morty gets a total of 2000, minus the 400 he owes Barnas and the 400 he owes KC, equals 1200 silver.
Lani gets 1800 silver.
Shaarilla gets 2000, minus the 600 she owes Syl, for a total of 1400 silver.
Syl gets 1800, plus the 600 that Shaarilla owed her, for a total of 2400 silver.
Tyra gets 1800 silver.

GM: I have updated each person's character sheet with your silver amounts.

Once the money has been split up, the group departs the jewelry store and heads back towards the general store. They follow a group of ten men into the store. The ten men are dressed in similar uniforms of red, black and white, with tall hats. Eight are armed with strange spears of wood and metal. One has a strange looking halberd that looks well made and an equally strange hand crossbow. The last is armed with a cutlass and a pair of strange looking hand crossbows (think English redcoats circa 1800).

Once inside, the group is amazed that size of the store. Like the jewelers, it is larger on the inside than the outside but on a much grander scale. It is a well-lit emporium that stretches deep in every direction and is segregated by departments. There are over a hundred customers visible among the racks and tables of wares, clothing, weapons and armor. There are dozens of employees also visible. All of them are kobolds and all are wearing similar green uniforms. Ranks are easily identifiable by chevrons and medals. Most of the people visible are wearing armor and clothing that is completely strange to the group. Even those wearing armor recognizable as something similar to what the group wears are still quite a bit different than what the group knows.

The group sees a large section dedicated to armor and gravitates in that direction first. A couple other groups of people are also here looking at the various. Some are talking to the kobold sales associates. The following types of magical armor is available: Battle Gi, Leather Armor, Reinforced Leather Armor, Ring Mail, Scale Mail and Chain Mail. +1 for all of these types of armor is available. Anyone interested in something better than +1 can send a Luck roll to see if anything better is available. Note that if more than one person is interested in a specific type of armor, I will take the first roll only for that type.

LANI: Interested to see if something better than +1 Battle Gi is available: [rolled 98 vs. LUCK 16, 7x roll].

GM: Lani finds +1 Battle Gi available for a cost of 1000 sp.

LANI: Lani will quietly ask Barnas if he is willing to barter with the kobolds for the battle gi.

BARNAS: The young cleric is happy to barter for everyone in the party [rolled 103, Near Success)]

Barnas is able to negotiate a 5% discount so Lani gets it for 950 sp.

LANI: Lani pays the 1090 sp for the +1 Battle Gi.

BARNAS: Once the money is divided the young cleric says, "Remember we need the ability to survive in the void for our next quest. Get what you need to, hopefully we can become properly equipped."

BARNAS: OOC: I know many needed a way to stay warm, and breath but I do not remember what our options are spellwise... If water breathing would allow void breathing Barnas might have a good option on his next level up

GM: Water Breathing does not work in a vacuum. It does however, give me the idea to come up with a Spelljammer Cleric list for Clerics whose deities are highly aligned to the stars and space.

TYRA: Tyra would like to see if they have a +2 Kite Shield [rolled 87 vs. LUCK 18, 5x roll].

Tyra wanders off to go look at shields. She finds basic (+5) magic shields in small round, large round and kite sizes. She also finds slightly better (+1) magic shields in small round and large round sizes.

GM: Luck rolls are allowed for each size to see if a +10 version is available. With Tyra's 5x roll, there is no +10 Kite Shield.

TYRA: Now that she's got enough silver, she'd also like to look into getting a long bow that could work with her high strength. Magical would be preferred but mundane or of quality would is better than no bow at all. [rolled 29 vs. LUCK 18, 2x roll]

After looking at shields and not finding what she wants, Tyra makes her way to the weapons section of the massive store to look at bows. She finds a basic magical long bow (+1). She finds a three magical short bows: a +1 Short Bow (and a +2 with a 2x LUCK roll), a +1 Short Bow (Medium) and a +1 Short Bow (Heavy).

GM: As a reminder, a medium short bow requires a STR of 18 while a heavy short bow requires a STR of 21. Only one LUCK rolls was allowed for bows and that was to see if there was a +2 Short Bow. I will use Tyra's roll for that purpose so there is a +2 Short Bow.

TYRA (GM): Is there a document on the website that goes into these details?

GM: The information is in the equipment list under the specified bows.

TYRA: Tyra would like to shop for magical arrows as well. [rolled 20 vs. LUCK 18, 2x roll]

GM: Tyra finds several options when it comes to arrows. They have 20 +1 arrows for 10 sp each. They also have 10 +2 arrows for 15 sp each. They have 10 +1 Arrows of Penetration for 20 sp each and 10 +1 Arrows of Crushing for 30 sp each.

TYRA: Tyra will want to round out her gear to handle cold temperatures more effectively.

GM: You can find all manner of non-combat gear but the price is 25% higher than normal. The equipment is well made.

TYRA: She'll also inquire about any magical hand axes or war hammers that return after thrown. [rolled 32 vs. LUCK 18, 2x roll]

GM: Tyra finds that the store has virtually every weapon in basic (+1) magical form but a more limited supply of better weapons. With her roll, they do have a +2 Hand Axe for 700 sp.

KC: He will be looking for magical armor; either leather, reinforced leather, or elven chain mail (could even be non magical if that even exists) . Luck roll of [rolled 2 vs. LUCK 18, MADE BY A QUARTER!!!]. He is also going to look for a Travlers Cloak. Luck roll of [rolled 39 vs. LUCK 18, 3x roll].

KC looks over the armor starting with the leather armor. He finds that they have both +2 and (with his LUCK roll) +3 leather armor for 800 and 1600 silver respectively. They have no elven chain mail but they have +1 reinforced leather armor.

GM: I need a separate roll from someone to see if they have +2 or +3 reinforced leather armor.

KC: (GM) He is very happy to see that there is a set of +3 leather here, but I am waiting to find out if there are other non armor item that I might be interested in buying more than the leather using my limited funds.

KC: More mundane stuff to look for would be fur lined gloves, thick warm socks, and a warm hood or hat.

KC: then also look for transformation type magic and general magic spells. Luck roll of [rolled 41 vs. LUCK 18, 3x roll].

KC: (GM) do we have our packs with us or did we leave them in the Inn?

GM: You have your packs with you. You haven't checked into the Pooping Toad inn yet (or if you are talking about the inn where this adventure started, you took your packs with you).

GM: I am going to hold off on resolving miscellaneous magic items. I have defined what the store carries but there are some LUCK rolls can be made within the stock I have defined.

MARTIN: I will be looking for cold weather gear and for something (magical or not) that will help him breathe in the void.

MARTIN: Here's some random rolls: [rolled 20], [rolled 5], [rolled 45], [rolled 41]

SYL: Is looking for a few different items so she will be wandering around the store for a while. She is looking for:

Reinforced Leather +2 or 3 [rolled 26 vs. LUCK 19, 2x roll]
Ring Mail +2 [rolled 50 vs. LUCK 19, 3x roll]
Small Round Shield +2/3 [rolled 53 vs. LUCK 19, 3x roll]
Large Round Shield +2 [rolled 83 vs. LUCK 19, 5x roll]
Handcrossbow (she is Drow afterall!) [rolled 15 vs. LUCK 19, 1x roll]

(OOC) - she can already breath in a vacuum so she just needs to stay warm...
Ring of Warmth [rolled 95 vs. LUCK 19, 5x roll]

(OOC) - can't recall, do we have a COP Detection scroll to learn from and what skills will she need (eventually) to learn the spell?

Scroll of Mage Armor [rolled 71 vs. LUCK 19, 4x roll]
Scroll of Magic Missiles [rolled 54 vs. LUCK 19, 3x roll]

Any Dark Magic scrolls for her to learn new spells
General [rolled 75 vs. LUCK 19, 4x roll]
Special [rolled 97 vs. LUCK 19, 6x roll]

The group eventually migrates over to the area where a small selection of miscellaneous magic items can be found. The find the following items.
  • Bracers of Protection (PROT 6) - 2500 sp
  • Heward's Handy Haversack - 3,000 sp
  • Brooch of Shielding - 1200 sp
  • Pendant of Healing - 3000 sp
  • Cube of Frost Resistance - 3500 sp
  • Necklace of Missiles (x2)
    • Necklace 1 - 3 missiles (1 @ 5d6 and 2 @ 3d6) - 275 sp
    • Necklace 2 - 9 missiles (1 @ 10d6, 2 @ 8d6, 2 @ 6d6, 4 @ 4d6) - 1350 sp
So after all rolls are made, the following armor, weapons and shields are available.
  • +1 Battle Gi - 1000 sp
  • +2 Leather Armor - 800 sp
  • +3 Leather Armor - 1600 sp
  • +1 Reinforced Leather Armor - 600 sp
  • +2 Reinforced Leather Armor - 1200 sp
  • +1 Ring Mail - 1000 sp
  • +1 Scale Mail - 1200 sp
  • +5 Shield (SR) - 400 sp
  • +1 Shield (SR) - 1000 sp
  • +5 Shield (LR) - 500 sp
  • +1 Shield (LR) - 1250 sp
  • +5 Shield (Kite) - 700 sp
  • They have virtually all common weapons at +1 enchantment
  • +2 Longsword - 1620 sp
  • +2 Broadsword - 1350 sp
  • +2 Mace - 910 sp
  • +2 Hand Axe - 700 sp
  • +1 Short Bow - 400 sp
  • +2 Short Bow - 800 sp
  • +1 Short Bow (medium) - 700 sp
  • +1 Short Bow (heavy) - 700 sp

GM: Let me know what everyone wants to buy. I will send a separate list of potions. There are no scrolls available.

SYL: No magical hand crossbow??

GM: Yes, they have a +1 Hand Crossbow for sale. They have +1 weapons of virtually every type.

KC: The cube of frost resistance would be a nice acquisition for protection vs the cold. Maybe a party item? Everyone pitch in some and use part of the party funds?

GM: The party treasury is at 1547 silver right now. If everyone pitches in 300 sp for the Cube of Frost Resistance, then the party treasury could make up the remaining 600 sp. Of course, Barnas might be able to negotiate a better price but you can use 300 sp for planning purposes. Let me know if the group wants to do this.

KC: I am wanting to acquire the +3 leather armor and shortbow +2. But may revise that to help acquire the cube of frost resistance. Also would like to have Barnus bargain for a possible better price.

TYRA (GM): What are the effects of Arrows of Penetration and Arrows of Crushing? I didn't see them listed on the website.

GM: For some reason I had them set to GM only. I changed that and you can view them now. Basically Arrows of Penetration are AP (half PROT or full LOW, whichever is higher) while Arrows of Crushing do class C damage making them effective against skeletons and other creatures that are highly resistant to piercing damage.

TYRA: While Tyra does like the sound of the Arrows of Penetration, she's concerned she won't be able to afford all these arrows and will stick with the +1 and +2 arrows for now.

TYRA: Tyra is interested in the +1 Heavy Short Bow. Though she still wants to know the differences between the magical arrows, she's leaning towards buying 40 normal arrows, 20 +1 arrows, and 10 +2 arrows. She'll also buy 4 quivers to hold all these arrows. I didn't see a maximum arrow count per quiver but I assumed it was 20.

GM: Yes, you can assume 20.

TYRA (GM): Do Long Bows also come in the same medium and heavy strengths? I think long term she'll prefer a long bow but for now, the short bow seems better for travel purposes.

GM: Yes they do. Long bows have the problem that they tend to be unwieldy in closed quarters such as dungeons and woods.

TYRA: Tyra wants to buy some cold weather gear but I didn't see anything on the equipment list. How much would that cost her?

GM: I will get some added.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla is willing to chip in for the cube of frost resistance. She is considering getting the +2 short bow to help compensate for her lack of archery skills. She will ask the others further advice. After all this wouldn’t be her primary weapon, so it might not be worth the expense.

SHAARILLA (OOC): I saw where a magic bow doesn’t count as a magic weapon to overcome resistance to non-magical weapons. But I didn’t see whether whether magical ammunition combines with magical bows, or if it’s simply a matter of using the most powerful enchantment of the two.

GM: Magical arrows combine their bonus with magical bows so a +2 bow using a +2 arrow would gain a +20 SC and +4 damage.

KC: (GM) I just thought of this. Here is luck roll of [rolled 21 vs. LUCK 18, 2x roll] and a streetwise observation roll of [rolled 51 (Failure)] for finding lock picks and or trap disabling tools.

GM: Nope, no magical lockpicks or trap disabling tools.

KC: (gm) right now I am assuming that I do not own any lock picks or tools. Now when I spent time with my master from the deck of the masters. Would I have come back from that time with a set of lock picks and tools? At the general store I was more looking into just finding a set of lock picks not necessarily magical ones, but if I got them when I was away with the master then i already have a basic set.

GM: Sorry, I missed that. Yes they do have normal thieves tools available for sale at the normal price.

SYL: currently looking at Small Round Shild +1 (1000 sp), +2 Reinforced Leather (1200 sp) and Handcrossbow (800 sp) which would leave enough for cold weather gear and/or Cube of Frost Resistance. Thoughts from others???

GM: When the group visits the alchemy section of the general store, they find the following magical potions available:
  • Potion of Endure Cold (as the cleric spell at rank 12 but lasts 1 hour) - 60 sp each (they have lots)
  • Potion of Healing - 250 sp (x8)
  • Potion of Extra Healing - 500 sp (x2)
  • Potion of Agility - 200 sp
  • Potion of Attunement (+20) - 200 sp
  • Potion of Fire Resistance - 300 sp
  • Potion of Heroism - 300 sp
  • Potion of the Void - 600 sp (x2)
  • Potion of Strength - 200 sp

GM: They also find Healing Bandages available.

GM: Please finalize what you plan to buy and let me know. I will deduct the cost and add it to the Magic Item list. If you would like to barter, send me a roll. If you want Barnas to do your bartering, ask him and he can send a roll.

BARNAS: I am totally ok with using group funds and for Barnas to barter... But I am perhaps misunderstanding the Function of a Cube of Frost? It seems like it is a static Cube of protection. While reusable it appears to be limited to camping due to its static nature... and then we all would need to sleep in 10 sq feet and then seems very cramped for our numbers... so what am I missing?

GM: The Cube of Frost Resistance is mobile, as long as you don't try to run with it.

BARNAS: The protection is mobile... Ok yeah that would do it.

BARNAS: Barnas would be interested in magic items to do without air... Like an necklace of adaptation or that one kind of ioun stone... lets hope he is lucky [rolled 23 vs. LUCK 20, 2x roll] I would like to nail down the need before spending on the would be nice.

GM: I've actually already sent a list of all of the magic items available. No further LUCK rolls are needed. Here is the complete list of miscellaneous magic items available:
  • Bracers of Protection (PROT 6) - 2500 sp
  • Heward's Handy Haversack - 3,000 sp
  • Brooch of Shielding - 1200 sp
  • Pendant of Healing - 3000 sp
  • Cube of Frost Resistance - 3500 sp
  • Necklace of Missiles (x2)
    • Necklace 1 - 3 missiles (1 @ 5d6 and 2 @ 3d6) - 275 sp
    • Necklace 2 - 9 missiles (1 @ 10d6, 2 @ 8d6, 2 @ 6d6, 4 @ 4d6) - 1350 sp

LANI: "While the Cube of Frost Resistance sounds nice, it has limited uses. I would say that the Pendant of Healing would be better for the group. It would improve Tyra's First Aid ability, make it so that she can perform first aid quickly when time is of the essence and give her a major healing spell once per day. Barnas would still be the primary healer but this would give us two people who can tend to the group's wounds."

TYRA: "I completely agree. We've already struggled with being wounded enough that this item would help immensely." Tyra is able to put 400 sp of her money to help pay for it.

LANI: Lani is interested in the Potion of Heroism and the Potion of Strength.

GM: By my count, I need the following barter rolls from Barnas:
  • +3 leather armor (1600 sp) for KC Barter roll [rolled 71 (Failure)]
  • +2 short bow (800 sp) for either KC or Shaarilla Barter roll [rolled 127 (Success)]
  • +1 heavy short bow (700 sp) for Tyra Barter roll [rolled 145 (Success)]
  • 20 +1 arrows (10 sp each) for Tyra Barter roll [rolled 101 (Near Success)]
  • 10 +2 arrows (15 sp each) for Tyra Barter roll [rolled 125 (Success)]
  • +1 SR Shield (1000 sp) for Syl Barter roll [rolled 69 (Failure)]
  • +2 reinforced leather armor (1200 sp) for Syl Barter roll [rolled 94 (Near Success)]
  • +1 hand crossbow (800 sp) for Syl Barter roll [rolled 143 (Success)]
  • Potion of Heroism (300 sp) for Lani Barter roll [rolled 105 (Near Success)]
  • Potion of Strength (200 sp) for Lani Barter roll [rolled 119 (Success)]

GM: I added all of the above purchases to the magic item list and deducted the costs.

BARNAS: Also I think I did a -58 on instead of a +58 for the Battle GI

GM: Yep, I just checked and that is what you did. I changed it from Absolute Failure to Near Success. It saves Lani 140 sp.

KC: The cube would be good for putting up on rhe star sprite surrounding the cabin. The potions of the void we need also.

KC: I will pass on the +2 short bow and let sharilla take it. And pick up one of the potions of the void. And warm winter clothing of fine quality..

TYRA: Tyra would like to purchase the Winter Clothing - Fine.

SYL: will prefer Winter Clothing - Fine but will see how Barnas does on negotiating for the other items before she buys one or the other...

TYRA: How many Healing Bandages do we have? Do we still feel it's a good use of silver to have some of those available? Tyra is also eyeing the Potion of Attunement, knowing that she struggles to attune easily with magic items.

GM: The group does not currently have any healing bandages.

GM: If 5 or more people are going to buy fine winter clothing, then you will get a bulk discount of 10%, so 45 sp each. So far I think that KC, Barnas, Tyra and Lani are interested.

GM: Actually I just saw that Syl is intersted as well so I will mark of 45 sp for Barnas, KC, Lani, Syl and Tyra and you can add fine winter clothing to your character sheets.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla will get the +2 short bow, 10 arrows of crushing, and 2 +1 arrows (she already has 8). She’ll give the 12 normal arrows she’s replacing to Tyra, so she doesn’t have to buy quite so many. She’ll donate her remaining funds towards a group magic item.

GM: Shaarilla gets 2 +1 Arrows of Penetration for 38 sp and all 10 +1 Arrows of Crushing for 290 sp.

SHAARILLA: Since training, Sharrila has gotten better with her sphere of air (now rank 5). Loading her wand of spell storing with that spell will give the group air for a few hours, as long as we stay close to each other.

KC: (GM) my next purchase is thieves tool kit for 300s.

GM: I marked off the money for the thieves tools (292 sp after Barnas bartering).

KC: (GM) looking at the skill & spell specialties list I would volunteer to take over the primary slot for gem & jewelry appraisal and the secondary slot for appraisal (will need to start buy it).

MORTY: As I look at the various items, and the small amount of funds I have to spend, "I won't be able to afford anything I really need here.
I've been wanting a Heward's Handy Haversack ever since the first time I ever heard about one, it would make my work so much more convenient and of course help me carry stuff that's heavier or more cumbersome than my stature allows. I agree that both the Pendant of Healing and the Cube of Frost Resistance would be incredibly useful in the near term as group items. The Cube is actually more urgent, but the Pendant will help us more in the long run. It is up to you how much you want to risk the loss of the Cube's help because the next place we visit is unlikely to have one available. Do you think you will be able to pray for enough spells of Endure Cold to cover the entire group for a venture into the void, Barnas? Or do we think this nice winter weather gear will be enough for a few hours in the cold? Maybe we can find a scroll or two of Leomund's Tiny Hut or Protection from Weather or something. The potions of the void are a little less imperative now that Shaarilla's been practicing her Sphere of Fresh Air, but it would still be important to have one in case someone besides Shaarilla needs to venture away from the protection of her Sphere.

LANI: "I agree with Morty that there are some items here that we really want in the group. I don't have a lot of money left will contribute what I have towards them. If there is any way we can get all three items (pendant, cube and haversack), I think we should try."

GM: You have the following items in the treasure list that you can sell if no one wants them: ring mail, short bow, +1 ring mail and +1 reinforced leather armor. That will give you a few more funds but I want to make sure no one wants them first.

MORTY (GM): I will also pay the 45sp for the fine winter weather gear. Is it possible to get a pair of fine gloves in addition to the mittens that come with it so that I can use fine motor skills? I realize the mittens are more protective so I'd still get those for long term warmth. I can't find anywhere that the winter weather stuff is quantified as to how much it protects from for how long, if you don't want to put that on the equipment pages for them you could always add a page in the Equipment section of House Rules.

GM: I marked off 50 sp instead of 45 and you have some fine gloves as well. You will still have penalties for highly dextrous work but not has much.

GM: Let me know if the group is more interested in buying the Cube of Frost Resistance or the Pendant of Healing as a group item.

LANI: I vote for the Pendant of Healing.
KC: I will vote for the Cube of Frost Resistance, but I am still willing to put forth my share of funds toward any item we choose to get. (After this I will know how much I have left over to use on others things.)

BARNAS: I do not think that any got the +1 Scale Mail - 1200 sp so Barnas will go for it... Barter Roll [rolled 98 (Near Success)]

GM: You purchase the armor for 1140 sp.

GM: For everyone who got new armor, be sure to add it to your character sheet so that it correctly computes your PROT and LOW. If your armor/shield combo shows a DEX penalty, be sure to apply it manually to the Other Modifiers column in the stat section.

GM: Also be sure to add your new weapons to show the correct strike chance and damage.

BARNAS: This will free up his old armor for sale to the group fund.

BARNAS: He is willing to loan out his remaining personal funds to help other get items that might be beneficial (personally or to the group.)

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla will offer her old short bow to be sold for party funds, not that it’s worth much.

TYRA: Tyra supports selling everything we don't need to buy the three magic items. This includes her extra +1 Mace. She wonders if Syl wouldn't want to sell her old shield too. She is fine not buying any magical bandages if we get the healing pendant. She's also willing to contribute all but 50 of her silver towards buying the items of interest. If we can't afford all three, she'd vote for the healing pendant first, followed by the cube of frost.

SYL: Is that +1 Reinforced Leather her old one? I was going to mention it should be in the Party Treausry...

SYL: Will take the +1 mace for skeleton bashing! What kind of olf shield does Tyra have? if it is better or equal to the +1 Smal Round shield she will (if GM allows) take the old shield and not buy the +1 SM Shield.

GM: She is better off with the +5 Shield for now so I refunded her money on the +1 Shield.

SYL: now that she has the Hand Crossbow she will look to purchase some +1 bolts in case we find some targets that require magic to hit...

GM: You find no +1 crossbow bolts at the general store.

GM: After selling the excess armor and weapons, the party treasury is up to 2972 sp.

GM: If I add all of the silver that everyone in the group has, plus the party treasury, it comes out to 13,160 sp so you easily have enough to purchase all three items. It is just a matter of how you want to divide things up. You can start by saying how much each person will throw into the pot for the items. The following is what I have so far.

PARTY: 2972 sp
LANI: 500 sp
TYRA: 638 sp
SYL: 809 sp
MORTY: 400 sp
KC: 400 sp

TYRA: Did Tyra also buy a Potion of Attunement? I'm assuming the Pendant will require attunement but Tyra will confirm with the others to be sure. She'll want the help of that potion since her ability to attune isn't great.

GM: I just added it. Barnas got you a 10% discount.

TYRA (GM): I'm not seeing Giant Basher in my weapon dropdown.

GM: For weapons with different bonuses against different opponents I find it is easier just to add it as a +1 weapon but then note update the bonus when you encounter something where the weapon gets a better bonus.

MARTIN: In addition to Fine Winter Clothing, Martin is interested in the +2 Mace listed below. If no one has purchased them, Martin is also interested in the Potions of Extra Healing. He will also contribute to the general “magic item purchase pool” in the amount of 500 silver (and is willing to contribute more if necessary).

Barnas is only able to knock a few silver off the price. You get it for 890 silver. You get the clothing for another 45 silver. Go ahead and add them to your character sheet.

MORTY (OOC): I will donate 400sp toward the purchase of the other two necessary party items. On looking again at the list I also like the look of a Necklace of Missiles, and will buy the smaller one unless the party thinks they want to help me get the bigger one. It's a rare opportunity to grab extra AoE spells we may need when being overwhelmed by enemy numbers, like say when being boarded by a boatload of space orcs. But that could never happen... again... right?

GM: I marked off the money for the smaller necklace for now. If others contribute to the larger one, I will correct.

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05/16/2019+5 Buckler
05/16/2019+10 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+1 Small Round Shield
05/16/2019+5 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+10 Small Round Shield
05/16/2019+5 Kite Shield
05/16/2019+3 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+2 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+15 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+2 Small Round Shield
05/16/2019+15 Kite Shield
05/16/2019+1 Tower Shield
05/16/2019+1 Large Round Shield
05/16/2019+15 Small Round Shield