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Quest for the Amber Key - Turn 3.8 - Things That Go Bump in the Night

Martin Vane
Morty Crystaltouched
Pellanistra Xarann
ShaarillaArmor Spell (3/5 hits)
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra Stellastrom
Tyra and Shaarilla both awaken in the middle of the night to the ever so slight squeak of the door opening. The room is dark, as is to be expected. Who is opening the door and why are they doing it so slowly? These thoughts go through both of their heads independently as they attempt to push grogginess to the background. Suddenly an arm comes through the door and hurls something into the middle of the room. Sleepiness flees sharply as Tyra bellows out, "ATTACK!" The object hits the center of the room and explodes into a fireball.
GM: I need saving throw rolls from Shaarilla, Tyra, Morty and Barnas. Morty and Barnas are at -15 to their rolls as they were sleeping.

GM: I will send a map shortly. Both KC and Lani have the tithing (adventurous lifestyle) flaw so both have their own rooms. Each of their rooms has an additional bed so I made some rolls and assumptions and decided that Martin was in the extra bed in KC's room and Syl was in the extra bed in Lani's room. That left Morty, Barnas, Shaarilla and Tyra to share the bunkroom, which has four beds.

SHAARILLA: saving roll [rolled 9]

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla would have renewed her mage armor spell on herself and whoever else wanted it using whatever spell energy she had left at the end of the day. So she is armored, it may be out of spell energy.

BARNAS: Assuming you meant a normal save [rolled 43 vs save of 25 - Failed Save!] Minus 15 for being asleep

TYRA: Magic save [rolled 19 vs save of 38 - Successful Save!]

TYRA: Tyra's first reaction is to grab her shield and use it to protect herself from the blast. Next, she'd grab her morningstar. She would have both within reach and handy by her bedside.

MORTY TECH: [rolled 12 vs save of 41 - Successful Save!] magic save I assume since it's a fireball?

MORTY: Morty's instinct is going to be to hide, once he wakes up more fully he'll try to fight it and come out to help.

The fireball explodes in the small room immediately consuming all oxygen in the room. More flows in of course, but this creates a significant, localized windstorm that is disruptive and loud. Everyone else in the inn is awakened by the noises of the explosion and resultant windstorm.

GM: Shaarilla takes 11 damage from her critical success save. She is now badly wounded (-10 to all actions).
GM: Barnas takes 45 damage from his failed save. He is very badly wounded (-30 to all actions).
GM: Tyra and Morty each takes 22 from their successful saves. Morty is now badly wounded (-10 to all actions).

Tyra and Shaarilla rolled well enough with their PER rolls, and both made their saves, so can take some minor actions during the free round. My assumption is that Tyra uses the time to grab shield and morning star. What does Shaarilla do?

GM: Everyone else can send their round 1 actions (I already have Syl's action). Everyone can also send an Insight roll - you want low.

SYL: When she and Lani hear the boom and "ATTACK" scream from Tyra, she will grab her sword and head for the door, trusting her infravision for now but ready to cast Witchsight if necessary to find the attacker and Dwarf Star if she actually does see the guilty party. If nothing is immediately seen she will take a look along the shortest path to Rendo's since he seems the most likely guilty party at the moment...
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