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The Doomed Oasis - Turn 1.0 - Meeting at the Dark Night; The Cliffs of Kori-Dan - Turn 2.3 - End of the Adventure

Martin VaneAccelerated Healing (2/3)
Morty CrystaltouchedAccelerated Healing (3/3)
Pellanistra XarannAccelerated Healing (3/3)
ShaarillaArmor (PROT 4, 4 hits)
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra StellastromAccelerated Healing (2/3)

TYRA: "I'd like to hear more about this offer of employment. Don't worry about my condition, I'll bounce back in no time."

LANI: "With regard to meeting Areegi Morton, if we agree to do some work for him, I suggest that we not agree to start right away or even the following morning. At earliest, it should be two mornings away. That gives us two more nights of healing up, and one more day of healing spells. Then we can start fresh the following morning where Barnas will have all of his spells."

BARNAS: "That would be really nice. I am going to hold off buying things until after the meeting, Because that might change priority in purchasing. If anyone wants me to see if I can talk the shop keepers into better deals I am willing." He has Barter at 28% and he is willing to use it for everyone.

KC: Agreed.

Tyra and Martin are feeling much better after two days of rest and healing spells. Martin is almost back to normal with only a few minor scrapes and bruises. Tyra and Lani could both use another day of rest and healing.

Nevertheless, the group is prepared for the meeting with Areegi Morton. Lani and Morty agree to remain with the Star Sprite and keep watch on it while the rest of the group makes their way through the streets of Sagar to the Dark Night tavern, about five minutes walk from where the group is staying at the Rams Head Inn. They arrive a few minutes early and find a table in the back of the tavern. Privacy should not be an issue as the tavern is not particularly busy. The clientele seems primarily working class peasants. It does not have the feel of the type of tavern where adventurers would hang out. It is too quiet and dull.

Several minutes later, after the quarter bell has sounded signalling 8:30 pm, Three men walk into the tavern. One is well dressed in tailored clothing with an expensive looking longsword hanging at his waist. The other two are wearing armor and have several weapons each. Both also wear helmets but neither is carrying a shield.

The well dressed man leads the way over to the group and announces, "I am Mr Areegi Morton. Thank you for accepting my invitation."

He sits down and orders drinks for everyone. He engages in a few pleasantries before getting down to business. He inquires as to where they are from and how they like Sagar so far. He also asks some basic questions about their skills and knowledge to get a sense that the group is someone that he believes can get the job done. When someone in the group asks him how he heard about them, Areegi replies that someone at the landing field notified him that a strange spelljammer had landed with a mixed crew of humans, drow, myrrhhn and gnome and that, from their armor and weapons, appeared to be adventurers.

Finally he gets to the meat of the matter. "I want to hire your team to recover an item for me. The item is a magical scroll known as the Silver Flaye and appears as a thick piece of vellum wrapped around a silver rod that is decorated at both ends with engraved orbs of silver. The scroll may be in a protective case of some sort."

Areegi goes on to say that the scroll must be delivered unopened. For the successful completion of the task, which he does not expect to take more than a few hours once they arrive, he will pay 500 sp. Barnas speaks up and makes a counter offer and the final negotiated price is fixed at 800 sp for recovering the scroll and turning it over to Areegi unopened. Obviously the group will also be able to keep any other treasure they might find at the underground location where the scroll is located.

During the meeting, more than one of the mages has the idea to scan Areegi and his two guards for magic. All three carry magic. The armor and some of the weapons of the guards are magical. Areegi wears a pair of magic rings and his longsword is also magical. Syl, who has the most discriminating level of talent, determines that all three of Areegi's visible magic item radiate at level 2 on a scale of 1 to 3.

Areegi tells the group that the location of the Silver Flaye is an underground ruin known locally as the Doomed Oasis. It is about 150 miles away from Sagar. Areegi plans to travel with you to the location but remain outside with his two bodyguards while the group enters the ruins and recovers the scroll. Areegi would like to leave the following morning but Barnas convinces him that the group needs one more day. The group makes plans to leave the morning after next. They will meet at the airfield at dawn.

SYL: Questions for Areegi:
  • Does he know what type of guardians there might be for the Flaye?
  • Is there a particular reason he isn't going into the Oasis himself?
  • Are we expected to travel to the Oasis via the Star Sprite or another vehicle?

SYL: In the off day i recommend doing some quick research in our favorite book stores on the Doomed Oasis and/or the Flaye.

BARNAS: Can I get an Artifact Lore Roll to see if Barnas knows anything about the Silver Flaye. I assume you want to roll that in case Barnas botches.

GM: I had actually already made the rolls and meant to include in the turn but forgot. Morty and Martin had both heard of the Silver Flaye but knew nothing else about it.

BARNAS: Always one to want to know more the young cleric asks, "What kind of opposition do you expect us to come up against?"

In response to questions from the group, Areegi provides what information he can. He tells the group that the ruins is known to be inhabited by undead, primarily skeletons and zombies but there could be ghouls or even wights. He reiterates that he will also be traveling to the oasis with the group but will wait outside the ruins while the group enters to retrieve the Silver Flaye. He expects the group to get there in the Star Sprite and will travel with them.

SHAARILLA: “Ug. More undead,” says Shaarilla with disgust as she remembers the last encounter with undead that the group had, and how useless she was during that encounter.

BARNAS: After the meeting when the group is discussing things in private the young cleric says, "I have some concern about picking up an unknown magical object and handing it over at what could very well be our weakest moment. I think we should look into this item and our employer before we leave.

BARNAS: OOC Steve what kind of rolls would we need to find out more (assuming we can)

GM: I will make the rolls for what you find. Two questions: who all is going to seek the information and do you plan to be subtle about it or ask questions openly?

BARNAS: Since it is his concern Barnas is willing to do the asking (others can if they like). I am assuming/guessing he might need to part with some coin to smooth the way. Since he also does not want to spoil the job (nor wish to make it easy for Brute Squad to find them if they are looking) he will be subtle. Knowing that being subtle might cost him in finding what he wants to know.

GM: Barnas should consider picking up Conversation skill. It is very useful in trying to get information in a subtle manner. Syl and Tyra both have the skill so I will assume that they also volunteer to try to find out more about both Areegi Morton and the Silver Flaye.

The following morning, Barnas, Syl and Tyra spend some time trying to learn more about their client and the magic item he is seeking.

When Barnas returns late in the day, he has learned nothing about either.

When Syl returns late in the day, she has a bit more information. She spoke with multiple people who knew Areegi Morton and did not come up with any significant red flags. Mr Morton is a merchant who owns warehouses on Sagar. He buys and sells goods. For example, he buys fish from the local fishermen and sells the fish to spelljammer traders who take the fish to other markets, mostly within the Kingdom of Celestian but with Spelljammer not too far away, there has also been quite a bit of commerce with that giant ship. There are even traders that take the fish to the Rock of Bral and points beyond. Mr Morton is said to be a very clever (one person that Syl talked to used the word ruthless) businessman. Another source mentioned that Mr Morton might actually be a mage of some sort.

She also learns a bit more about the Silver Flaye. It is thought to contain various white magics normally associated with white witches. Syl was not able to learn the exact nature of the magic but one source thought that preservation type magic might be included and the logical conclusion is that Mr Morton plans to use the magic to better preserve his perishable merchandise. He likely has access to some types of preservation magics so the Silver Flaye would have to have something more powerful or perhaps longer lasting.

Tyra had no better luck than Barnas did in finding information.

BARNAS: Hearing Syl's finding on the Silver Flaye and Areegi Morton, Barnas is relieved. "Its white magic... I have no problem with that. He is still a business man and might seek an advantage over us but..." He trails off.

BARNAS: After all the other things are done it looks like Barnas has 118.7 sp left... If he can barter a set of leather armor down to that he will pick some up. Then he is done buying stuff.
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