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Yrmen Desert - Turn 1.3 - Luxor; The Cliffs of Kori-Dan - Turn 1.9 - Level 5 - Shadow Tor

NameSpells and Effects
Eight days later, after a few days of overly calm weather and little progress, the group finally reaches the city of Luxor on the east coast of the Sandswater Sea. The harbor is busy, and even as the group is arriving, they see a large ship depart heading north with a contingent of soldiers visible on the deck. Derrick pegs them as irregulars made up of a hodge-podge of peasants, apprentices, mercenaries and adventurers.
Captain Wells anchors the ship in the harbor and a small boat is put over the side to take the group to shore. The group could choose to have the ship tie up to a dock but fees will likely be in the neighborhood of 100 sp a day whereas anchoring in the harbor is free.

GM: I made the changes to the character sheets for Qix and Philyra for reading the two lexicons on the journey here. Both received 7 ranks in the respective skills for free. Thus, Qix is now rank 7 with Sailing while Philyra is rank 7 with Rowing.

GM: I also split up the treasure and added each person's share (5000) to their character sheet. For the most part, this should be about the only money you have (except for Nurel who stashed some of his money in a Pentagonal Vault account). If you think you should have more money that would not have been lost during the recent adventure, let me know. The party treasury has what remains after splitting the treasure, plus the 60 pp that were hidden in a false bottom on the specially made "Teleport Object" box the group put together.

DARIUS:  Darius stashed his money and ioun stones in his Staff of Magus chest.  Until he summons the tent, he doesn't know if they're still there.  He is expecting that they will be since he's unaware of ways someone else could tamper with its contents.

GM: Let me know who is going to do what in Luxor. Some things that I assume that you want to get done include:
  • Finding the two Challenge Obelisks
  • Finding pearls and ritual components
  • Find a secluded spot in which to Summon the Stablemaster
  • Find a secluded spot to set up his Staff of Magus tent to check its contents

PHILYRA: Philyra wants to replace her composite long bow. Also replace any other mundane gear that might be missing and is still relevent, but I haven’t figured out what that is yet.

QIX:  Qix will want to obtain supplies to replace all the Arrows of Quality that she and Philyra lost.  That will eventually entail getting her wagon back but she needs the supplies too.

GM: How about this for an initial split: Philyra (using Pendant of Human Guise, Qix, Nurel, Tebrak and Harlan will head into town, see what they can learn of the challenge obelisks with discreet inquiries as well as purchasing pearls and ritual components. Meanwhile, Darius, Derrick, Delana and Isell will head out of town in search of a secluded location where Darius can check his tent and Delana can cast her Calling the Stablemaster ritual.

GM: If the group is fine with this split, then those heading into town can buy the equipment and supplies they want (remember that most standard adventuring gear (excluding weapons, armor, etc.) could have been found among supplies on the ship so feel free to simply re-equip without spending additional funds. If you want to buy weapons, arrows, armor, shields or any other fighting equipment, the group will notice that prices are about 25% above what they normally expect to pay. Let me know how many pearls and sets of ritual component you need. Come to think of it, the group heading out of town will need to stop for some ritual components so that Delana can cast the ritual.

GM: If you want to be subtle about the obelisks, then those with Conversation in the first group can send five pairs of rolls. Each pair will include a Luck roll and a Subtle Extraction roll.

ISELL:  The split is good for Isell but he will add to the list of things to look for.  And that is the most recent clue about the Key to the Forge "King Urish has proclaimed a sentence of death for any who gaze upon his treasure among which may be found the key you seek"  He is looking for this King now.

ISELL: OCC in retrospect that would have been a good question for Querisss.

DERRICK: Didn't we already figure out that King Urish is the beggar king of Nadosokor?

DARIUS:  Darius would like 6 pearls and 4 sets of ritual components.

NUREL: he needs toK see what of his is in the Isell wagon to better know what he needs to buy to replenish what was lost.

Since the group heading to a secluded spot still needs ritual components, and the group that was going to investigate the city needs to see what the Stablemaster is holding, the group decides to stick together. They depart the Sun Dragon, leaving Captain Wells in charge, and head into the city. Most of the buildings near the docks are warehouses and ship-related businesses but it does not take long to walk past these into the merchant's area. A few discreet inquiries leads them to a shop specializing in the types of goods that magicians would be most interested in - a place called Hari's Charms. Here the group spends some coins on four sets of ritual components and six pearls, spending a total of 1000 silver. From there, they head out of the city towards the distant mountains.

It becomes quickly apparent that the city of Luxor is located in a fertile valley ringed by hills and mountains and virtually the entire valley is given over to agriculture, leaving little in the way of secluded spots. Because of this, the group travels for much of the day towards the hills and low mountains on the north side of the valley, following dirt roads and small tracks as far as they can. When they reach the edge of the cultivated areas, the roads end and they travel overland into the hills for another hour before stopping in a secluded hollow amongst low hills. It is late in the afternoon by this time. Nevertheless, Darius loses no time in setting up his tent while Delana begins her thirty minute ritual to Call the Stablemaster.

To Darius' relief, the box in his tent is as he left it, with everything inside intact. All of the coins he left there are still there, as are the two Ioun Stones he stored there.

GM: Since he had "most" of his coins there, go ahead and send a LUCK roll to see how much is most. The results are as follows:

1/4 Luck roll - 5000 sp
1/2 Luck roll - 4850 sp
1x Luck roll - 4700 sp
2x Luck roll - 4400 sp
3x Luck roll - 4100 sp
4x Luck roll - 3600 sp
5x Luck roll - 3100 sp
6x Luck or worse - 2600 sp

DARIUS (GM):  I should have specified the actual amount but since I knew we were going to be captured my intention was that all but a small amount would be in there.  Here's what I had noted as his total

PP: 39
GP: 46
SP: 12

He would have kept a little gold and all his silver on his person but there's no reason he would have left his platinum or most of his gold to be taken.  I'll submit a luck roll regardless.

DARIUS: [rolled 91 vs. LUCK 16, 6x roll]

GM: I'll give you some benefit of the doubt and move up two lines from what you rolled. You have 3600 sp worth of coins in the box.

Meanwhile, Delana succeeds with her ritual and the entrance to the grandiose stable of the Stablemaster appears along with the stable master and his dog. He greets the group by name and looks with interest at the Horseshoe Token. When presented with the token, he says, "I was certain these belonged to you and hoped that you would find a way to retrieve them." He leads the way into the stable and waves his arms towards the end of the stable. "There you will find your horses and wagons."

The group heads back to that section of the massive stable and are happy to see both Twelik's Forge and Qix's wagon. They also see Phantom, Horse, Fidel and Escape, the other four Golothan draft horses belonging to the group, and the six draft horses that Isell borrowed from his temple in Blue Mountain. Inside the carriage (Twelik's Forge), the group sees everything they left there except for the perishables (c.f., Player Documents - Party Equipment). All of the horses are in fine condition and were clearly exercised often and were well taken care of. The carriage and wagon are also in fine condition and look like they may have just been set there the day before.

GM: I will pause here to allow people to interject. It is late in the afternoon. Does the group want to head back yet today or wait until morning? If you head back today, you should be able to get back to the Sun Dragon by midnight or so.

DERRICK (to the Stablemaster): "Thank you for looking out for them for us, do we owe you anything for this service or is that cost subsumed into the magic of the horseshoe token?  We are going back aboard ship, so we may end up leaving some of them with you instead of making them and our crew uncomfortable with them in the hold, but it was important to us to make sure they had been taken care of and not stolen or lost as we had feared.  Oh, and have you heard of any more leads on the Rings of the Water Princes?

STABLEMASTER: "The horseshoe simply allows you to pick up mounts and wagons left by someone else. It is a means of transfer. You must still pay the boarding costs. The horses and wagons have been in my care for 43 days. With 14 horses at a silver a day, that comes out to 602 silver. The wagons are free since you have 12 or more horses."

DELANA: "Delana counts out 6 platinum and 2 silver coins and hands them to the Stablemaster."

DERRICK (OOC): We should really discuss whether to leave the horses with him or not, let alone the Forge and wagon.  It will depend on what costs are involved for each option, but it makes little sense to fill the hold of the Sun Dragon with a dozen or more horses and two wagons when we have this option.

DELANA: "I think we should leave them in his care. We will likely want them when we reach Pramayama which will hopefully be a lot less than 43 days so the price will be significantly less and they will be well attended to. If we take them with us, they will not get proper exercise, we will need to purchase food and we will have to figure out how to get them loaded and unloaded into the hold along with the wagon."

DERRICK: I greet Phantom and Fidel warmly, presenting them each with a treat (apple or carrot or something they each like).  I will also check on each of the other horses, both mount and draft, to make sure of their condition.  "I missed your help these past days, Phantom, we were betrayed and our battle skills were tested and I know that you would have wished to be there.  I pray we have the opportunity to fight as a team soon, but for now be patient.

DELANA: Delana moves among all of the horses and checks them over. She does not doubt that the Stablemaster took good care of them. She is simply looking for anything left behind by those who put them in the Stablemaster's care.

DERRICK (GM): What was the cost increase for buying basic goods from the stablemaster?  I remember there was one, but it might not be as bad as 25%.

GM: The Stablemaster doesn't sell goods. You might be thinking of the Trade Baron.

DERRICK: "I see no reason to push to be back to Luxor tonight, especially since the shops won't be open that late anyway, right Nurel?  Anyone else?

DELANA: "I agree."

NUREL: He is happy to see that his chests are still in the wrong and the majority of the items are still in them. It is nice to have clothes that fit again.

NUREL: in response to Derrick, "Yes, you are right. I think that staying the night out here and heading back early in the morning is a good idea." 

NUREL: (GM) Just a few items to check on. Are these items either found or replaceable from the wagon or the ships equipment/storage.

+3 chainmail (on loan from Bron)
Jewelers loop
Merchants Scale

GM: The +3 Chain Mail is lost. The jeweler's loop and merchant's scale might be available on the ship. Make a Luck roll for each. You need a 2x Luck roll or better for each one to find them on the ship. Otherwise you can purchase them in Luxor.

NUREL: (GM) did he find his jewelers loupe and merchants scales either on the boat?

NUREL: luck roll for the Jewelers Loop is a [rolled 89 vs. LUCK 18, 5x roll] and Merchants Scale of [rolled 86 vs. LUCK 18, 5x roll].

PHILYRA (OOC): Finally going over inventory:

Still have these Magic items:
Dragon Flagon
Silver Flask of Healing
Elowan's Quiver
Pendant of Human Guise
Ring of the Sky Blue
Helm of High Sorcery
Portable Holes
+3 Reinforced Leather Armor
+2 Bracers of Defense (Quest item: I have these as +3 in magic item section)

GM: I went back and checked and they are +2 Bracers of Defense.

Lost these Magic items
Fire Brand
+1 Arrows
+2 Arrows
Ring of Varex
Pendant of Healing
All potions

Luck Stone (lost earlier)

PHILYRA: What about these scrolls?:

Scroll: Nifle - Invisibility to Undead, Speak with Dead, Call Lightning, Water Breathing, Flame Walk and Wall of Fire (all rank 10)
Scroll of 6 cleric spells written in Nifle at rank 12: Dispel Magic (3rd), Meld Into Stone (3rd), Speak with Dead (3rd), Blade Barrier (6th), Wall of Thorns (6th)

GM: The scrolls are gone.

PHILYRA: I know normal arrows could be recovered, since they were being used against us. But what about her bow? I only remember seeing short bows used against us (and Qix’s bow), so I’m guessing that’s all that’s available.

PHILYRA: Philyra was carrying a LOT of gear for herself and the group. What could be found or replaced? What is now missing and stillneeds to be replaced (if we still want it)? Here’s what I have listed:

large leather backpack
large belt pouches
3 large sacks
2 small sacks
2 daggers
short sword
3 pieces of chalk (Group)
flint and steel (Group)
4 vials of lamp oil (Group)
hooded lantern (Group)
8 days Iron Rations (Group)
8 spikes
6 torches (Group)
2 whetstones
Camp dishes (Group)
Large Tent (Group)
1 winter blanket
50' Rope
Symbayan and Thunish language primers
waterskin (Group)
Large waterskin (Group)
Necromancer Spell Book

PHILYRA: Also, are there any two handed swords that can be recovered? Or at least a scabbard for one? She can’t really draw her sword in combat if it’s stored as a tattoo.

GM: With the exception of the Necromancer Spell Book, all of these items can be found among ship's stores or were still in the Portable Holes. She can easily find a great sword (2h sword) in the armory.

PHILYRA: Thanks! I forgot to ask, can Philyra find a composite longbow or a normal longbow? Or is the best she can find the short bows that were being used by skeletons? If she can’t find a composite longbow in the armory, shall be shopping for s in town.

GM: Make two luck rolls. The first one is for a composite longbow and you need a 1x Luck roll to find one. The second is for a normal longbow and you need a 3x Luck roll to find one. (For short bows, it would be 2x and 4x Luck rolls respectively.)

PHILYRA: For composite longbow: [rolled 88 vs. LUCK 16, 6x roll]  For normal longbow: [rolled 79 vs. LUCK 16, 5x roll]. Several of the skeletons were using normal short bows against us, so I assumed that finding short bows and arrows was part of collecting treasure off of the bodies.

GM: Good point. Normal short bows are available on the ship.

NUREL: looking for information on Challenge Obelisk in Luxor.

Subtle extraction [rolled 197 (Absolute Success)] luck [rolled 78 vs. LUCK 18, 5x roll]
Subtle extraction [rolled 122 (Success)] luck [rolled 71 vs. LUCK 18, 4x roll]
Subtle extraction [rolled 131 (Success)] luck [rolled 51 vs. LUCK 18, 3x roll]
Subtle extraction [rolled 90 (Partial Success)] luck [rolled 46 vs. LUCK 18, 3x roll]
Subtle extraction [rolled 70 (Failure)] luck [rolled 58 vs. LUCK 18, 4x roll]

DELANA: Delana will also wander around Luxor looking for information
about the Challenge Obelisks.

Subtle Extraction [rolled 87 (Partial Success)], LUCK [rolled 58 vs. LUCK 17, 4x roll]
Subtle Extraction [rolled 52 (Failure)], LUCK [rolled 6 vs. LUCK 17, MADE BY HALF!]
Subtle Extraction [rolled 103 (Near Success)], LUCK [rolled 32 vs. LUCK 17, 2x roll]
Subtle Extraction [rolled 88 (Partial Success)], LUCK [rolled 34 vs. LUCK 17, 2x roll]
Subtle Extraction [rolled 93 (Near Success)], LUCK [rolled 20 vs. LUCK 17, 2x roll]

The group camps for the night and returns to Luxor the next day, arriving in late afternoon. Some of the group return to the ship while others split up into a couple of groups to ask around about the challenge obelisks, hopefully without giving away that they are really interested.

Nurel, with one group, is mostly subtle in asking people but most of the people he talks to don't seem to know much. The fourth person he talks to speaks of a statue in a nearby square that might be what the group is looking for. When Nurel departs and heads over there, he finds that the statue is indeed one of the challenge obelisks. From the symbols on the obelisk, the group believes it to be an acrobatic challenge.

Delana has a bit more luck in some ways, and worse luck in others. With the second person she talks to, she is unable to hide her interest in the obelisk from the person she is talking to. The man, a patron at a bar, understands that she is interested in the obelisk but tells her where she can find both the obelisk in town as well as a second obelisk located in the mountains east of the city. He tells Delana the he stumbled on the obelisk when he and some friends were hunting in the mountains. He says that he can lead Delana there for a fee of 100 sp.

DELANA: When the characters regroup, Delana tells what she learned. "Is there anyone who wants to attempt the acrobatic challenge? I have the name of a guy who is willing to lead us to the other obelisk for 100 sp."

DERRICK: Well, it could be a trap by some brigands so we should send a larger squad there, I assume he didn't say what symbols were on the obelisk.  How far into the mountains is it?  At the very least I would want to meet and talk to this guy.

DERRICK (OOC): And use my Character Judgement on him, as well as my Detect Evil.

DELANA: "Good idea. I've arranged to meet him tomorrow evening at the Fire Water Tavern. You could join us to get a better sense of his trustworthiness."

NUREL: I could try the acrobatics Obelisk, but I know that Qix is also quite acrobatic also.(I am rank 8 with a 61% bonus. Not sure about Qix but we are both ranked as skilled with acrobatics)

DERRICK: Sounds like Qix territory, though I know that Nurel is talented as well, I think Qix has the edge in raw talent.  Are you willing, Qix?

DELANA: "Qix, didn't you have the Ring of Acrobatics that gave you a big boost with that ability? I don't believe we recovered the ring so do you think you are the right person to make the attempt or should Nurel give it a try?"

GM: As a reminder, the group has found out that you generally have the best chance when the person attempting the challenge is Highly Skilled (or better) with the skill in question. The attempt costs 10 pp (1000 sp) so there is a cost for trying and failing.

QIX: I did lose the Ring but still possess the Acrobatics skill at Rank 7.  I have the option of getting the EXP back by buying it back to 0 (Deathlord EXP) or i can try?  I am not quite the same rank as Nurel, with neither of us Highly skilled (OOC - not quite enough EXP to buy up to 8), but because of my DEX i am at +68%.  If i do go up to rank 9 i would get an additional +10%.  I am willing to try but want everyone's thoughts...

DARIUS: "I don't suggest we attempt any challenge without having high skill in the matter.  I failed the scholar's challenge and I was pretty knowledgeable about the subjects.  Perhaps it was just bad luck or I was too distracted but that was a waste of silver."

Unsure whether they are ready to attempt the Acrobatic Challenge, the group focuses on the possibility of the second obelisk. Delana had arranged to meet the man who could take them to the second obelisk the following evening. She had first encountered him that morning when she, Nurel and Qix were getting some fruit pies for breakfast. He had introduced himself as Edwin Steelbow and did in fact have a bow that appeared to be made of steel slung over his back, together with a quiver of a dozen or so arrows. Both the bow and the quiver of arrows radiated magic to Delana's power perception at a level of 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The following evening some of the group, including Derrick and Delana, head into the city and seek out the Fire Water tavern. The tavern is well know so they find it easily enough by asking directions. When they arrive, Delana spots Edwin almost immediately. Edwin stands several inches over six feet in height and has broad shoulders. He is sitting at the bar. The stool on his right is open. The stools on the other side are occupied by a couple of roguish types in quiet conversation. Beyond the empty stool is a chain mail clad adventurer talking to a young woman sitting next to him.

Delana and Derrick walk up to Edwin. Delana catches his attention and then says, "My friends and I are interested in learning more about the obelisk you mentioned to me yesterday morning. Perhaps we can move to a table and talk."

Edwin blinks a couple of times as if trying to remember where he saw Delana before and then it clicks. "Oh yes, the young lady interested in the obelisk that looks very similar to the one in Market Square. I recall saying that I could lead you there for the price of a hundred silver, is that right?"

Delana nods in agreement and repeats her request to move to a table where they can all talk.

Meanwhile, Derrick has activated his Detect Evil ability and scanned the large bowman. Derrick tries to keep his face expressionless as he notes that the man is clearly evil. Certainly not in the manner of demons or undead, of course, but evil nonetheless.

GM: On a scale of 1 to 10, he radiates evil at level 3.

Edwin nods and gets up. He looks around and spots an empty table near the back wall. Not a corner table, but still more private that standing at the bar and talking. Edwin leads the way over and then plops down in a chair after unslinging his bow and leaning it against the wall. The group notes that he is also armed with a longsword.

GM: Let me know who else is going along. Unless you say so, I will assume you remain with the ship. Also let me know what questions you want to ask of Edwin. Anyone with Streetwise skill can send a roll.

NUREL: He will go with Delana to meet her contact. After all there is more safety in numbers.  

NUREL:  Streetwise roll of [rolled 116 (Success)]

DARIUS: Darius is curious to learn more about the other obelisk.  He's willing to go along and meet this contact but doesn't need to go either if we feel we have enough going.

DARIUS (OOC):  I can't remember but do we have a mind link in this group?

GM: No, this group does not have a Mind Link capability that I am aware of.

DARIUS:  We haven't discussed the Scout Wands since we recovered them. Here was the last suggested split on the wands.

Volcano Wand (Isell)
Forest Wand (Darius)
Ocean Wand (Qix)
Mountain Wand (Tebrak)
Desert Wand (Derrick)
Night Wand (Philyra)

DARIUS: It has been mentioned that each wand has its own unique power or trait.  Are these known to us?  If so that might drive how we split them out.  Also, we should update who can attune to each wand so if we need to swap them out, we'll know who can use them.

DELANA: "When we have some time, we should attempt further magical research, perhaps even an Identify ritual, on the wands. We are aware that there are a total of seven wands and we have six. Perhaps there is a way to use them to find the seventh wand. We learned that each wand is supposed to have a special ability but have not learned more."

DARIUS:  Darius has two follow-up thoughts.  First, Nurel does a lot of interaction in cities so it makes sense that he should be able to use one of the wands.  Perhaps Qix, Philyra, and Nurel can share two wands based on the situation.

DELANA: "That sounds like a good idea. So when we are in a city, we should assume that Nurel has one of the wands."

DARIUS: Second, as a group, we should review non-verbals signals over the Scout wands for this meeting.  We've had these in the past so it makes sense to use a single click, two long double clicks, etc as a quick, subtle way to signal the group that isn't present at the meeting.

GM: I will assume the group reviews them.

QIX:  If i remember correctly i rolled 200+ on my knowledge of the Scout Wands and i don't recall anything about a unique power for each but that doesn't mean there isn't one...  Now that we have all (??) of them in one place maybe we can test them.  I believe I am already attuned to more than one (volcano and ocean).

GM: Qix recalls that there is a way to use the wands to find other wands. However, the chance of doing so depends on the number of wands you have. With 3 or fewer wands, you are not likely to find a fourth wand unless it is very close. With 6 wands, you might be able to find the seventh even if it is a long ways away. Qix also recalls that each wand has its own special ability but they only work if all of the wands are together. When this happens, the special ability will become available.
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