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The Cliffs of Kori-Dan - Turn 2.3 - End of the Adventure; Yrmen Desert - Turn 1.8 - Through the Sandswater Sea

NameNotes and Active SpellsFlash of InsightHung Spells
The group decides to head back to level 4 and use the graveyard entrance, hoping it will lead to level 7. They have no encounters. They reach the building at the back of the graveyard, open it, and head down the stairs. As they head down, their minds wander often and most find it difficult to concentrate of being watchful and alert. Only Tory and Eysarian are able to fight the distractedness with any degree of success but it is a constant battle.
When the group reaches the bottom of the stairs, things have changed. First, everyone is fully healed. Second, everyone has all of their spell points back. Third, most of the magic items and even much of the mundane items they found over the course of the adventure are gone. They only things they still have are the magic items that belonged to them prior to arriving at the Cliffs, that they found over the course the adventure, the items they bought with tokens from the token store, the 9 keys they found over the course of the adventure, and the 13 silver ankhs they won over the course of the adventure.

At the bottom is a passage north that leads to a massive hallway extending off to the right and left. The passage is at least half a mile long if not longer. It is well lit and looks very grand, with marble walls and magical lighting fixtures.

The distant end seems closer to the left so they head that way. After a short time, the wall on the right suddenly changes. A section becomes transparent most of the way to the distant ceiling a hundred feet up. In the center of the transparent section is a transparent door with a lock in it. Aiya studies the lock and determines that one of the four keys found near the ceiling of the Sea Demon lair will likely open the door. Tory tries them and the third one fits. He opens the door and enters. Eysarian starts to follow but the door disappears and becomes a transparent wall. Tory cannot come back and the group cannot join him. He finds himself holding two of the silver ankhs in his hand.

Mentally shrugging, he heads down the passage. He walks for some time but the group is able to clearly see him at all times through the transparent wall. It is almost as if a wide angle camera was following Tory at a distance of 10 to 15 feet and displaying its image on the transparent wall.

Tory reaches a luxuriously appointed chamber sumptuously furnished. In the center are a pair of transparent vaults. Each contains a door with an ankh shaped depression in the center. Tory walks up to them and, as he studies the contents. He knows intuitively what the items inside are.

The first vault contains the items that Narathen brought to the Cliffs but hasn't yet found. They include his Wand of Alteration, Necklace of Fireballs (with only 1 missile remaining) and two Elemental Scarabs.

The second vault contains a Helm of Insight and a +2 Luckstone.

With no way to communicate with the group, Tory decides to abandon Narathen's items and uses one of the silver ankhs to open the second vault. He takes the helm and stone and returns down the passage. The group now has 12 silver ankhs remaining.

The group proceeds down the hallway further. Another section of wall becomes transparent and another door appears. Aiya determines that the Lawful key from the Sea Demon lair will open this door. Tory attempts to open it but is unable to do so. The group concludes that, since he already opened a door, someone else will need to open this one. As Elenion is of Lawful Good alignment, he is nominated. Elenion opens the door and passes through. As before, the door disappears behind him and becomes transparent. The group remains outside the transparent wall but is able to follow his progress to another luxurious room, this one also containing two vaults.

The first vault contains the equipment that Tory brought into the Cliffs but had not yet found - his magic wand and the Wand of the Tunnel Wyrm.

The second vault contains a Manual of Golems and three potions.

Elenion chooses not to use either of the keys and returns to the group.

The group continues down the hall until another door reveals itself. Aiya is unable to determine which key will open it so the group passes it by for now. There are no other doors in this direction so they turn and head back. The next door that reveals itself requires the Good key to open. Eysarian takes the key and enters. He too is presented with two vaults.

The first vault contains Elenion's unfound equipment but, by this time, the group has discussed this and Elenion has said that he does not need his wand or other equipment back.

The second vault contains a Helm of Telepathy and a +4 Short Sword.

Eysarian uses a silver ankh on the second vault and then returns to the group. The group has 11 ankhs remaining.

The next door requires the iron key found in the graveyard. Narathen opens this door and follows the long passage to another luxurious room, this one with three vaults.

The first vault is different in that there are two impressions of silver ankhs on the vault door. It contains only one item that Narathen recognizes as the Radiant Ruby - the group's whole purpose in coming to the Cliffs of Kori-Dan.

The second vault contains the Ring of Merform and a +3 Defender (longsword)

The third vault contains a Staff of the Magi.

Narathen uses three silver ankhs to get the Radiant Ruby and the Staff of the Magi. The group has 8 ankhs remaining.

The next door in the passage requires a key from the ceiling of the Sea Demon vault. Aiya opens this door and follows it down to the vaults. There are three vaults.

The first vault contains the Armor of Life, the Helm of Knowledge and a Brace of Combat.

The second vault contains a Folding Boat and the Wand of Illusion from the assassins.

The third vault contains the potions that the group found in the githyanki.

Aiya uses an ankh on the first vault and leaves the other two alone. She returns to the group. They have 7 ankhs remaining.

The next door requires the Chaos key from the Sea Demon lair. Everyone in the group has now entered one door. Narathen takes the Chaos key and tries it but the door does not open. The group then realizes that they will not be able to enter any more doors. They have four more keys and 7 more ankhs and must rely on Aphora, Drolin and two of the three women freed from the githyanki to open the remaining doors. It seems likely that they will want to claim some part of the treasure for their assistance.

GM: This is where we stopped for the night.

TORY: One quick correction, the Ankh count is off. When Eysarian used one ankh to get the Helm of Telepathy and +4 Short Sword, that was only the second one we had used, leaving a total of 11 from our original count of 13. Each of the ongoing count is off by 1 from that point onward, we have 7 ankhs left. I look forward to seeing the description of the new magic items on the website, particularly the Helm of Insight and the Brace of Combat.

GM: Thanks for finding that. I corrected the turn. The group has 7 ankhs and 4 keys remaining.

TORY: We have had some moderate amount of time walking and talking with the women we rescued, including one of them being familiar with Maureen and her family in Landor, so hopefully Aiya has gotten a pretty good sense of which ones might be more trustworthy and trusting of our good intentions to find them a good situation for their future even if it is not in Landor and Elland, since that route seems closed to us now. We might even consider hiring some of them as servants in our Tower and providing them with a comfortable living doing light labor with a lot of free time to read in the library... if that's something they might be interested in.

EYSARIAN: We also need to consider Aphora and Drolin. Yes, the group rescued them so they owe the group for that but, that said, it is highly unlikely that we could have defeated the githyanki without their help so. Aphora herself did not add a lot to the combat but, without her, Spectre would not be there and he definitely helped. Eysarian suggests we offer them equal magic picks but maybe they start at the bottom of the pick list. In other words, Aiya, Elenion, Eysarian, Tory and Narathen roll (or otherwise decide) who will be numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 picks and Drolin and Aphora decide who will be 6 and 7.

EYSARIAN: Also remember that whoever takes the Evil key will need an Aura Alteration to avoid taking damage. We don't know if it will be dispelled by going through the door. Hence, we should probably ask Drolin or Aphora to be the one to deal with the Evil key.

GM: We can deal with freed women who will have to help out next session.

The group takes time to talk to the women rescued from the githyanki. Since it now appears that no door may be entered by someone who has already passed through one, they will need two of the three women to take their turns as the doors. They talk to them extensively. The three, Maila, Annabelle and Michelle decide amongst themselves that Maila will take one door and Michelle the other. They ask for a single share of monetary treasure to be shared amongst them. The group agrees.

Aiya is uncertain which key is required for the next door so they skip that vault and go to the next, which requires a key from the sea demon lair. Aiya hands Maila the key and three of the silver ankhs. Maila enters and the group watches her progress down the passage to the luxurious room at the end. She sees three vaults. The first contains items that Eysarian brought into the Cliffs but had not yet found. He had already said that he didn't need them back. The second contains only monetary treasure with a value of almost $13,000 silver. Tory had instructed her to ignore monetary treasure unless the value was $100,000 silver or higher. The third vault contains the Staff of Power and the Wand of Illumination. She uses a single ankh to take the staff and wand and returns to the group.

The group now has 6 ankhs remaining.

With only three vaults and three keys remaining, Aiya gives the last key from the sea demon lair to Michelle and she tries it on the two remaining doors at this end of the long hall. It doesn't work so the group walks all the way back to the other end of the 1800 foot long hall and she tries it on the first door. It works and she enters.

In the room at the end of the long hall beyond the door she finds three vaults. The first contains two rings and a set of gauntlets. She recognizes the gauntlets as the ones that Tory was wearing. The second vault contains a crossbow and buckler that she knows the group has no interest in. The third contains the Nine Lives Stealer and +2 Chain Mail that Drolin had been wearing.

After some deliberation, she uses two of the ankhs, one of the first vault and one on the last. She returns to the group with the treasure. She tries her best to describe the Ring of Rending to Tory.

The group trudges all the way back down the hall and stops at the seventh vault. Aphora tries the Chaos key on this one and it works. She enters and follows the passage to a luxurious room with three vaults. The first contains the stuff Aiya had brought but had not yet found, including her +4 Dagger, +2 Leather Armor, the Ladder of Escalation and her Magic Wand. The second vault contains the chest of jewelry from the githyanki vault and the last contains the Brooch of Shielding and the +2 Ring of Protection. She deliberates, knowing that she has to use at least one of the silver ankhs. She finally decides to use only one and she uses it to open the first vault to recover Aiya's items. She returns to the group.

There is but one door and one key remaining, along with three silver ankhs. Eysarian casts an Aura Alteration on Drolin so he can safely handle the Evil key and he opens the final door. He proceeds to the room with the vaults and finds three vaults there. He uses the three silver ankhs to open each of the vaults in turn. The first contains a fabulous crown worth 15,000 silver and 7 pieces of jewelry with a combined value of 20,000 silver. The second contains the three chests of coins from the githyanki vault as well as the +2 Mace that Drolin had been using. The third contains a +2 Helm of Protection, the Vanity Armor that Aphora had been wearing, a +15 Shield (LR), and a +3 Dagger. He dumps all of the coins into a single chest, puts the other items inside it, and lugs it back to the group.

Once he is back, the group requips themselves with armor and weapons as they are available and discuss where to go next. After some deliberation, Narathen suggests that they head down the stairs over there. The group looks back down the long, well lit hall and, sure enough, there is now a set of stairs in the middle of the hall. The load up the dungeon cart and head to the stairs and down them. At the bottom is a door. As soon as Tory opens the door, everyone in the group, including Drolin, Aphora, Maila, Annabelle and Michelle find themselves in the back room of the Trade Baron's store. The Trade Baron arrives through a door within seconds and proclaims, "You found the Radiant Ruby!"

The group hands him the ruby and he studies it intently. Somewhat absently he asks the group there want to go next. They agree on the location near White Moon Cove where they last summoned the Trade Baron. They depart the store and find themselves near White Moon Cove. They head towards the Far Door that Elenion had created months earlier that will lead them back to Havlic's Tower. The tell all of their new acquaintances and friends that they are welcome to stay at the tower for as long as they like.

Once back at the tower, the group rests and eats and then meets in the magical library to split treasure. Here is the split:

First Split
  • Armor of Life - Drolin
  • Staff of the Magi - Elenion
  • Brace of Combat - Eysarian
  • +2 Luckstone - Narathen
  • Staff of Power - Aiya
  • Vanity Armor - Aphora
  • Nine Lives Stealer - Tory

Second Split
  • Ring of Rending - Tory
  • Helm of Insight - Aiya
  • Helm of Knowledge - Narathen
  • Helm of Telepathy - Aphora
  • Ring of Fire Resistance - Eysarian
  • +15 Shield (LR) - Drolin
  • Brace of Weapons - Elenion

Third Split
  • Helm of Underwater Action - Elenion
  • +4 Short Sword - Narathen
  • Brawler Gauntlets - Eysarian
  • Wand of Illumination (7 charges) - Aiya
  • +2 Mace - Drolin
  • +3 Dagger - Aphora
  • +5 Bracers of Defense - Tory

Fourth Split
  • +2 Helm of Protection - Drolin
Keep in Treasure List for now
  • +2 Chain Mail
  • +1 Helm of Protection
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