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The Doomed Oasis - Turn 4.3 - Back to Sagar

Martin Vane
Morty Crystaltouched
Pellanistra Xarann
Syllivarrna Obanghall
Tyra Stellastrom
Once on the ground, Areegi and his bodyguards depart. Areegi thanks the group for finding the Silver Flaye for him.
GM: The group has 4,347 sp worth of coins to split up. You also have 8 gems that you know very little about. Do you want to sell the gems and hope the buyer gives you a fair price? Another option is to buy a book about gems, do the best you can with it to estimate the values, and also use the book to increase Gem & Jewelry Appraisal rank.

GM: I split up the coins and everyone now has 500 additional silver on their character sheets (450 for those who tithe). We can deal with the gems a bit later when people's skills have improved. You can find a book on Gem & Jewelry Appraisal in Sagar for 50 sp (can buy up to 2 ranks, max rank is 5).

GM: Note that you also found a couple of spells that you can learn (Spell Store and COP Detection). If no one has the Ritual of Identification, you might consider looking to see if you can find it in Sagar. For those who want to learn one or both of ones you found, go ahead and send your learn spell roll (found under Spell Memory skill on your character sheet).

GM: I noticed that I had a list of the books the group owned under Player Documents but had it hidden from the web. I changed it so you can see what you have.

SYL: Morty so far is the only person with Gem & Jewelry Appraisal. I think it woudl be wise to have another person to have the skill to check against. I think we already have a book on Jewelry?? If so I can raise it to rank 2 and then still have EXP for next month's schedule Special Knowledge upgrade.

GM: You do not currently have a book on Gem & Jewelry Appraisal.

MORTY: I spend time to recharge my pistol once with my last remaining spell point (I believe), it gains [rolled 3] charges. I then rest with Shaarilla at the oasis before we leave. I will charge it again when we stop resting for [rolled 1] more charges.

MORTY: Once we take off for Sagar I spend time with the books we have, reading up on more undead lore and re-memorizing the details I forgot about the ones we fought, as well as looking up the interesting Sphinx in the monster lore book(s). I am fine with either option regarding the gems, as long as a book on gem and jewelry appraisal doesn't cost us an arm and a leg I would say it's worth it, especially in the long run.

GM: Let me know what you buy up in the way of lores.

KC: Looking for books of knowledge to help improve ourselves is a good thing, especially when they can benefit more than one of us. I would also look into getting a nice set of leather goods of superior quality if possible. And look into either finding or start to assemble a lock picking tool kit. I have a feeling that I may have to wait for a larger town for that though. That is unless Morty can help me out with that. I might also be a good idea for me to pick up on how to find traps from Morty also. Have two in the party can not hurt out any.

As before, the group leaves someone on guard at the Star Sprite while others head into town. Many in the group are very interested in visiting the armor and weapons shops so that is where they go first. They find a two upscale shops that deal in fine weapons. Strongblade Weapons deals almost exclusively in bladed weapons while Smashing Skulls deals with all manner of weapons (although they have very few magic blades). Magic armor and shields can be found a Dheeraj Magic Shoppe.

Strongblade Weapons
  • +1 Dagger - 200 sp
  • +1 Broadsword - 675 sp
  • +1 Longsword (x2) - 810 sp
  • +1 Scimitar - 600 sp
  • +2 Short Sword - 1500 sp
  • +2 Longsword - 1600 sp

Smashing Skulls
  • +1 Whip - 135 sp
  • +1 Hand Axe - 345 sp
  • +1 Spear - 380 sp
  • +1 Mace - 405 sp
  • +1 Dagger - 200 sp
  • +1 War Hammer - 1005 sp
  • +1 Quarterstaff (x2) - 200 sp
  • +2 Mace - 910 sp
  • +1 Sling - 200 sp
  • +1 Composite Long Bow - 3375 sp

Dheeraj Armor Shoppe
  • +1 Leather Vest - 250 sp
  • +1 Leather Armor (x2) - 400 sp
  • +1 Reinforced Leather Armor (x2) - 600 sp
  • +1 Ring Mail - 1000 sp
  • +2 Leather Armor - 800 sp
  • +1 Shield (LR) (x2) - 550 sp
  • +1 Shield (SR) - 500 sp
  • +5 Shield (LR) (x2) - 300 sp
  • +5 Shield (SR) (x2) 250 sp
  • +10 Shield (LR) - 550 sp

BARNAS: OOC He will spend exp to raise his Jirdunian Lore and Weapon Quarterstaff by 1 Rank to Rank 4. He will also by his first rank in the Jirdunian Language. All based on recent experiences.

BARNAS: The young cleric does his best to heal the party to the limits of his spells once they were done. He also thanks the sphinx for the gifts and the healing.

BARNAS: During the down times (Shaarilla recovering points and the trip) he will also rest. Since he is not tired his rest is documenting in his journal everything he can think of or remember about the trip. The location, map creation, monster and trap documentation, the Jirdunian language encountered, and treasure recovered. The gems are documented as best as the groups limited skills allow. He will also talk to each member of the party about their personal take and interpretation on all of the above.

BARNAS: When the discussion turns to more Lore Books including a book about gems he is supportive of increasing the groups knowledge on the subject.

BARNAS: OOC he will once again load up on healing spells until the party is back at full health. He will also offer to barter and otherwise negotiate for any thing anyone might want to buy.

LANI: Lani will happily take Barnas up on his offer of healing over the next couple of days.

LANI: "I'd love to buy one of the magical longswords but they are a bit out of my reach right now. If no one else wants it, I plan to buy the lesser of the two magical maces from Smashing Skulls." (OOC: She wants to buy the +1 mace.)

LANI: Lani will also take Barnas up on his offer to negotiate a better price.

GM: Assume no one objects, Barnas can send a Barter roll for the +1 Mace.

LANI: "Also, didn't that Spirit of Spelljammer ghost that gave us our gifts tell us to seek out Spelljammer's Amber Key? Does anyone have any idea of how to go about finding it? I assume it is like the Silver Key that Shaarilla carries but is amber instead of silver."

KC: (GM)I was thinking more about finding a good set of a leather gloves, but I would also like to locate a Travellers cloak too, at least keep looking into that one as we travel.

GM: You can find gloves of any quality for sale if you are looking for mundane items. If you are looking for magical gloves, send a luck roll. You do not find a Traveler's Cloak.

GM: You can also send a Streetwise skill roll to see if you can find thief's tools.

MARTIN: Martin is very interested one of the following:
+2 Leather Armor
+1 Reinforced Leather
+1 Leather Armor and +5 LR Shield

GM: Assuming that is your prioritized list, no one else objects, and you want Barnas to try to negotiate a better price, Barnas can send a Barter roll for the +2 Leather Armor.

MARTIN: Now that I've had a chance to think it over, I'm actually more interested in the leather and shield. :)

GM: In that case, Barnas can send a Barter roll for the +1 Mace for Lani, and the +1 Leather Armor and the +1 Shield for Martin. So I need a total of 3 rolls.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla would like to acquire a good quarterstaff, the +1 Quarterstaff for 200 sp would help compensate for her very low strength. She doesn’t like feeling helpless and useless when the group is fighting for their lives. Unfortunately, even with a quarterstaff she isn’t going to be much use in a fight. She’s an easy target, and one hit will put her into major penalties. Nor is she likely to any significant damage even if she does hit…

TYRA: Tyra will look to visit a Temple of Tyr if there is one in Sagar.

GM: You find a Temple of Tyr in Sagar where they happily accept your tithe.

TYRA: On the topic of shopping, Tyra joins the others and looks over the weapons and armor at the various shops. She has a good eye for the quality of both weapons and armor (rank 4 in both armor and weapon lore) and likes to look over the upscale shops, admiring the craft that went into making these items.

TYRA: After the group has visited the shops, the warrior maiden asks the others once they're no longer in earshot of the merchants. "I have some modest skill with a bow and feel I should round out my selection of weaponry. It would also be wise for me to acquire an edged weapon and that magical hand axe caught my attention. It sure would be nice to have but I can't afford both the hand axe and a bow with arrows. If I only had to choose one or the other, do any of you have advice on which I should choose? I could also get a normal hand axe and afford the bow."

LANI: "I would go with the magical hand axe and hold off on the bow for now. We have enough mages with ranged spells and once they learn Spell Store, they will be good for at least one reliable attack spell per battle."

TYRA: "Sure, that makes sense. It does seem unlikely that I'll be hanging out in the back of the battle firing off arrows. I do like being on the front line."

GM: Look like I need a total of 5 Barter rolls now if Tyra goes for the hand axe. One each for the +1 Mace, +1 Leather Armor, +5 LR Shield, +1 Quarterstaff and +1 Hand Axe.

BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 65 (Failure)] +1 Mace
BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 44 (Failure)] +1 Leather Armor
BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 55 (Failure)] +5 LR Shield
BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 81 (Partial Success)] +1 Quarterstaff
BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 75 (Failure)] +1 Hand Axe

At the Dheeraj Armor Shoppe, Barnas has no luck bartering as the proprietor is very firm in his prices. He has only slightly better luck at Smashing Skulls. He is able to get the cost of the Quarterstaff down to 195 sp but the proprietor doesn't budge on the prices of the mace or hand axe as he feels the prices are fair and he will likely get a buyer for them at full price. He will take Lani's old mace for 70 sp so she only needs to pay 335 sp for the +1 Mace.

LANI: Lani will pay the full price for the magical mace, giving up her old mace for 70 sp.

GM: Let me know if Martin, Shaarilla and Tyra purchase the armor, shield, quarterstaff and hand axe. Once you confirm, I will deduct the silver and add the items to the magic item list.

TYRA: Tyra will purchase the magical hand axe.

GM: I added the +1 Hand Axe to the magic item document and deducted the 345 sp from Tyra's silver.

SYL (OOC): working with little connectivity but I will have shopping as well - probably spear +1 and/or leather armor of some variety. Any chance for a drow crossbow (non-magical)??

GM: Nope, Syl is unable to find any drow crossbows.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla thanks Barnas for getting her a discount. Pointing out that the store had two quarterstaffs worked well. Shaarilla will happily pay the 195 sp, storing the quarterstaff in the last lot in her bracelet.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla offers to loan her bow to Tyra since Shaarilla isn’t very good with the bow and has had little opportunity to use it. Originally she thought she would be flying above the battle raining down arrows in any unengaged targets, but that has yet to happen.

TYRA: "Oh, thank you. I appreciate that you'll let me borrow it."

TYRA (OOC): Joe, let me know what it is exactly and how many arrows or quivers you already have. I'll have Tyra make sure to round out whatever is missing.

SHAARILLA: “Any time, just let me know when you want it. I also have two quivers of normal arrows and one quiver of silvered arrows."

GM: I added the staff to the magic item list and deducted the 195 sp from Shaarilla's character sheet.

SYL: will ask Barnas to try and bargain for +1 Spear and +1 Sling and either the +1 Leatehr Vest or +1 Leather Armor. She can't afford all of that, but wants to know what her options are. She (very at this rate) eventually wants to be primarily a distance fighter adn M-U but at this level she needs all the help she can get...

BARNAS: He did not do so well last time hopefully he will do better now. But either way using the skill gives an excuse to level up so

BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 46 (Failure)] +1 Spear

GM: You visit Smashing Skulls and barter for the spear but the proprietor is firm in his price so you depart and head to Dheeraj Armor Shoppe.

BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 186 (Absolute Success)] +1 Leather Armor

GM: At Dheeraj Armor Shoppe, Barnas barters for the +1 Reinforced Leather Armor and negotiates a price of 450 sp. I am going to stop here and ignore the remaining 2 barter rolls. If Syl walks out to price additional items, then Barnas will need to renegotiate this price next time he comes in. My assumption is that Barnas did some very hard bargaining and Syl needs to make up her mind immediately or the deal will not hold.

SYL: will take the +1 Reinforced Leather Armor and thank Barnas profusely for his assistance.

GM: I added the +1 Reinforced Leather Armor to the magic items list and deducted the 450 sp from Syl.

GM: I still haven't heard from Martin on whether he will purchase the other set of +1 Leather Armor and/or the +5 Shield (LR).

MARTIN: Martin will take the armor and shield. I've updated his character sheet to reflect the new gear.

GM: I've added the armor and shield to the magic item list and deducted 700 sp from Martin.

LANI: "Has anyone given any more thought onto how we might try to find the Amber Key?"

GM: Everyone can send Insight rolls if you do not have any ideas.

BARNAS: Insight Roll for Amber Key Insight is 5% rolled [rolled 68]
SHAARILLA: Insight 30 [rolled 88]
TYRA: Amber Key Insight Roll 3% [rolled 76]
MARTIN: Insight for the Amber key (10%) : [rolled 41]
KC: what about a divination spell about the location of the key or we can go look in a library and research it. Insight of 10 rolled a [rolled 79].
LANI: Insight for Amber Key (2%): [rolled 88]
SYL: Amber Key Insight roll [rolled 61]
MORTY TECH: Morty's insight roll is 20, [rolled 45]. I would consider spending a luck point on this but given Shaarilla has the Flash of Insight I guess I won't given it being fairly unlikely to be effective.

GM: No success so far. I still need rolls from Syl and Morty. If no one gets it, and you run out of ideas, remember that Shaarilla can use a Flash of Insight once of month to automatically learn something.

GM: Another open question is whether anyone in the group wants to buy a book on gem & jewelry appraisal. I will assume that sometime during the next few days, someone visits a bookstore in Sagar called Legends and Lore and finds a book called Of Gems and Their Uses for 50 sp. Quickly flipping through it, you can see that the knowledge is basic but will help someone just learning the skill (max rank is 5, max number of ranks that can be learned is 2). As importantly, even if you read the book, improve by a rank or two, and still fail a lore roll, you can study the gems with the use of the book and at least get a vague idea of the value of the gems you found.

BARNAS: Definitely get the gem book. He can't get a skill in it yet but he can use it as a reference to complete his journal notes (and get a vague idea of the value). If someone would like to split the cost he would be all for that. Lets get the those Gems taken care of and see how much more money we have

SHAARILLA: “I think the keys are most likely in some old ruins, like the ones we tried investigating right after we left the Spelljammer. Unless someone else already found the keys, which case they could be literally anywhere.

KC: He will go out and look for magical gloves on a off chance there is a pair for sale? Luck roll of [rolled 87 vs. LUCK 18, 5x roll]. Also are there any other protection type magic items besides armor and shields? [rolled 10 vs. LUCK 18, 1x roll]

GM: Though KC does not find any magical gloves, he does find a store that sells exotic items from around the Phlogiston. Inside he sees the following items:
  • +1 Ring of Protection - 1,000
  • +5 Ring of Defense - 600
  • Bracers of Protection (PROT 5) - 1,500

KC: depending on what gloves there are he would at least like to get a pair of Superior Quality Gauntlets to help protect his hands in a fight and be supple enough to be able to use some of his more delicate skills with out any or at least a very small penalty. Cost should be 20s x 5 or 100s.

GM: Yes, he can find superior gloves.

KC: He would also like to look into finding any transformations spells. [rolled 37 vs. LUCK 18, 3x roll]. A stone skin would be nice.

GM: KC is not able to find any Transformation spells, either as scrolls, in books or even a mage who can teach him.

KC: Finally he will volunteer to toss is 5 silver for the gem book. I don't see him picking up the skill any time soon but he still might later so chipping in for the book only seems right. If everyone puts in 5 silver than we would have 40 silver or a lion's share towards the book.

MARTIN: will offer to buy the gem book outright at 50sp.

GM: I marked 50 sp off from Martin and added the book to the group's library. Let me know if anyone is going to use it immediately to buy/improve Gem & Jewelry Appraisal skill.

GM: I noticed that Syl purchased Gem & Jewelry Appraisal skill. I will assume that she learned from Morty as the Star Sprite was heading back to Sagar. That means that she can still use the book to purchase 2 more ranks at some time in the future.

After Martin purchases the book, Morty and Syl spend some time studying it and attempting to match the gems they found in the crypt with those descriptions and drawings outlined in the book. They come up with a rough estimate for each the gems and then, armed with this knowledge, they head to a purveyor of fine jewelry, asking Barnas to accompany them to barter the best price. The first jeweler they visit is interested in three of the gems, the oriental amethyst, the black opal and a large pearl. After a bit of barter, Barnas settles on a price of 2500 sp for the three of them. From their research in the book, Morty and Syl know that those were the three most valuable gems in the lot. The jeweler's attitude towards the remaining five gems was somewhat dismissive, indicating that he was only interested in valuable gems.

Nevertheless, they have some value and over the course of the next hour, they sell the remaining 5 gems at two different establishments for a total of 230 sp. When the three return to the Star Sprite, they have a total of 2730 sp from the sale of the gems.

GM: I split up the coins and gave everyone an additional 300 sp (270 if you tithe) and put the rest into the party treasury.

GM: My assumption is that the group is not springing for a room in town this time but rather sleeping on and around the Star Sprite. It rains for about an hour almost every night so I will also assume that the group sprung for a large tent that they can pitch next to the spelljammer.

SYL: Will eventually purchase another rank or two in Gem and Jewelry but is saving up for Dark Magic SK rank 3 first and foremost.

SYL: Did we happen to find a book on the history of Spell Jammer when we were looking for books?? (LUCK: [rolled 15 vs. LUCK 17, 1x roll])

GM: When Syl visits Legends and Lore, she finds a journal that details some of the history of Spelljammer. The price for the book is 100 sp.

MORTY: This is interesting, and might hold some tidbits on where to find the Keys, or the Spirit of Spelljammer. I don't suppose a Lore roll could help? I could also try to research it but we don't really have access to much of a library to use for said research...

SYL: During this period of "down time" she will attempt to learn Spell Store (70% of success at 6 hours)

SYL: Learn [rolled 26]; if she fails she will burn a Luck point and try again [rolled 86]

GM: She succeeds in learning Spell Store. You can buy a rank or two of it.

SYL (GM): Can she learn Star Life from her scroll now or does she have to wait for Rank 3 in SK?

GM: She can lean Dark Mage spells anytime she finds them. Additionally she will automatically learn one she does not already know every other rank.

MORTY: I am fine teaching the basics of Gem and Jewelry Appraisal to anyone that wants to learn. I am fine having the group buy the book. I am very very interested in the Bracers of Protection, but cannot afford them without a loan from one or more group members.

LANI: "I have nothing else that I plan to purchase so will happily lend you some money. I don't know how much you need but I can lend you 500 sp."

MORTY: "Well that does give me some hope, thank you, it's very generous. I am about 600sp short, so with that loan I only need 100sp more. Anyone else? Barnas, care to give bartering a shot?

SHAARILLA: “I don’t have anything else to buy, I can loan you the 100 sp."

BARNAS: The young cleric would also be willing to help with a loan. If needed

BARNAS: Barter Roll [rolled 74 (Failure)] Bracers

Barnas is unable to persuade the proprietor to lower his asking price for the Bracers of Protection.

GM: Let me know if Morty is going to go ahead and buy them with the loans from Lani and Shaarilla.

MORTY (GM): Yes, I will pay 900 sp, and owe Lani 500 and Shaarilla 100.

GM: Okay, I marked off 900 SP from Morty, 500 from Lani and 100 from Shaarilla. I also indicated in the back end document that Morty owes Lani 500 and Shaarilla 100. I should probably make these back end notes on money visible on the character sheet. I made a note to do that when I get a chance.

GM: I also added the bracers to the magic item list. You just need to go into your online character sheet and add them as armor.

KC: He will purchase the Ring of Defense +5 for 600s .and the Superior Gauntlets for another 100s.

GM: I added the Ring of Defense to the magic item list and deducted the 700 sp.

MORTY (GM): I was not actually buying up skill ranks in Undead Lore or Monster Lore on the way back to Sagar, I was simply roleplaying and trying to refresh my memory of what I already know. I do wish to improve my Language Jirdunian, please let me know when I am allowed to do so. I will also make my roll now to learn Spell Store, 85% chance [rolled 59]. I should have a luck point to reroll if I fail [rolled 82]

GM: You successfully learned Spell Store and can buy a rank or two. You can also buy another rank of the Jirdunian language.

MORTY (GM): I was not under the impression that Gem and Jewelry Appraisal was a lore skill. If it is, please apply my Memory talent bonus to it. I am dismayed that we seem to have to go shopping for books for more and more skills, it adds needless complexity and of course puts additional strain on our meager funds.

KC: I would also like to continue learning the Jirdunian language me and Morty can quiz each other. I would also like to learn Gnomish better from him and Drow better from the lovely Drow Ladies in the group. So I will be trying to speak to each of them in there own language and learn from my mistakes and there's correction. Of course linguistics skill and memory skill should help speed this all up.

GM: With your current rank of linguist, you can buy another rank of the Jirdunian language and also learn a rank of either Drow or Gnomish.

TYRA: The young warrior maiden focuses her time on practicing weapon katas and getting used to the short bow on loan from Shaarilla. She does express interest in finding some books on weapons and armor if we come across any. "It's good to keep sharp on what's out there for various weapons and armor. It's been a hobby of mine since I started training fighting years ago."

SHAARILLA (00C): Just waiting for everyone else to try their insight rolls before Shaarilla uses her Flash of Insight.

GM: Everyone failed their rolls

With no good ideas forthcoming from anyone on how to proceed in finding the Amber key, Shaarilla gives the matter some thought. The Silver Key was given to the group by the Spirit of Spelljammer who then indicated that the group should seek out the Amber Key. The obvious inference is that the location of the Amber Key is something that the group should be able to find. Given the immense size of the phlogiston, it seems likely that the Spirit of Spelljammer was not expecting the group to spend years and years, if not decades in search of a key whose whereabouts may have been long lost or, just as likely, can be found in the possession of someone who may or may not know what it is. It could also be something that changes hands a lot - perhaps a magic item with specific powers outside of its true purpose that might be bought an sold every two or three years.

All of that would seem to indicate that the Spirit of Spelljammer knew that the group had some way of narrowing down the location of the next key.

Shaarilla pulls out the Silver Key that has been in her possession since it was found. She has already determined that it seems to increase the amount of spell energy available to her as, more than once in the past few days, when she thought she was mostly out of energy, she seemed to have a small, hidden reserve. Perhaps a deeper study of this key will yield additional data. The most likely way to do a deeper magical study of the key is with a spell, such as the Ritual of Identification. In case it is something more mundane, she spends some time studying it with her mundane senses but comes up empty. She then examines it with Power Perception but learns nothing new. She sighs and thinks to herself, I guess it is time to find and learn the Ritual of Identification.

GM: Finding someone in Sagar who knows the Ritual of Identification is not difficult. You can find someone who will teach one or more of the mages in the group for a cost of 250 sp.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla is willing to pay the 250 sp costs, and share the training with anyone else interested in learning this ritual. Once she learns what’s required for the ritual, she will also buy some 100 sp pearls.

SYL: will pay the 250 so for the Ritual of Identification in case no one else has any so remaining. Does the learning include the materials needed??

MARTIN: Martin would be interested in learning the Ritual of Identification, but cannot afford the cost at this time.

GM: Morty and Martin are confident enough in their knowledge of the Sorcery language that both believe they will be able to learn the Ritual of Identification. Shaarilla and Syl are not so confident. (You need to be rank 6 in Magic Language Sorcery to be able to learn and cast Ritual of Identification.)

GM: I marked off 300 sp from the party treasury for three 100 sp pearls. I also marked off 50 sp from Shaarilla and Syl for the ritual and another 150 sp off the party treasury for the remainder. The party treasury has 63 sp remaining.

GM: If anyone else wants to buy pearls, just let me know how many and I will mark the money off.

Morty and Martin can make their rolls to learn the ritual, assuming you have the EXP to buy rank 1. The teacher bonus is +12%. You cannot take triple time to learn as the teacher is not willing to devote triple time to teaching.

SHAARILLA: Attempting to learn ritual: learn chance 95%+12% [rolled 80]

GM: Go ahead an buy rank 1 in the ritual. Did you also want to roll to learn the COP Detection? It was one of the few legible spells in an otherwise battered book you found that also contained Spell Store.

SHAARILLA: Ritual added at rank 1. Shaarilla will want to increase this to match her other spells (all that rank 2 or higher) as soon as possible. She already has enough saved XP for this.

SHAARILLA: Shaarilla will have to wait on COP Detection, her level and sorcery language isn’t high enough yet, although increasing it to 8 so that she can get SK spells this high on her priority list.

SHAARILLA: Assuming she is successful in learning the ritual, Shaarilla will buy three pearls of her own. She figures that until she gets better at this ritual shall be going through pearls rapidly.

GM: I marked off the silver. Make sure you add the pearls to your character sheet.

SHAARILLA: Done, she is keeping them in her belt pouch.

MARTIN: Learn spell roll (70% + 12% teaching bonus): [rolled 69]

MORTY TECH: Learn chance 85+12% = 97 but max is 95 as I recall. [rolled 7]

MORTY: "I am interested in knowing this ritual but if someone else wants to volunteer to practice it and use it more than I, I would appreciate it. I am already spread pretty thin trying to master all the mechanical, craftsman, and lore skills and my illusions.

MARTIN: Purchased one level of the ritual.

GM: Shaarilla can go and make the Ritual of Identification roll for the Silver Spelljammer Key. My assumption is that she will use a party pearl and also that she will do a 10 hour Ritual of Preparation prior to the Ritual of Identification to give her a +30 to her cast chance. This puts her chance at 69%.

Shaarilla finds a quiet spot near the Spelljammer and draws out the diagram needed for a Ritual of Identification. Others in the group take turns keeping an eye on her to stave off potential interruptions. The Silver Key of the Spelljammer is nearby but, before starting the Ritual of Identification, Shaarilla launches into a ten hour Ritual of Preparation to improve her chances of a successful identify. Thus, she spends a total of 11 hours performing the two rituals. For the final hour, which is the actual Ritual of Identification, she holds the Silver Key. As she performs the ritual she learns two things. The first is that the Silver Key will provide additional spell energy (2 spell points) to a mage who possesses it and has attuned to it and second, she sees an image of the Amber Key of the Spelljammer and senses that it is about 4000 miles away to the Galactic North - the outer boundary of the Kingdom of Celestian.

After Shaarilla passes on her information, the group makes inquires about the Kingdom of Celestian. They are currently in Sagar, which is at the extreme southern end of the kingdom. The point closest to where they need to go is a city called Fangora located on a small planetoid about 3500 miles away. They can get their in two jumps of about 1000 miles and a final jump of about 1500 miles.

GM: The jumps will require Spelljammer Astrogator level 5, which no one in the group has yet. Syl is closest. She can send a total of six Luck rolls to see if there are intermediary jumps she can make that will allow the group to get there with jumps instead of having to fly the old fashioned way (and take a long time to arrive).

SYL: Luck rolls below
Roll #1 Luck -17: [rolled 77 vs. LUCK 17, 5x roll]
Roll #2 Luck -17: [rolled 14 vs. LUCK 17, 1x roll]
Roll #3 Luck -17: [rolled 33 vs. LUCK 17, 2x roll]
Roll #4 Luck -17: [rolled 83 vs. LUCK 17, 5x roll]
Roll #5 Luck -17: [rolled 100 vs. LUCK 17, 6x roll]
Roll #6 Luck -17: [rolled 41 vs. LUCK 17, 3x roll]

SYL: Luck point usable for at least one (or more) of the roll???

GM: You could but probably not worth the effort. It just means that you will be able to make interim jumps for part of the trip but will need to travel the old fashioned way for the other parts.

Syl and Shaarilla spend some time at the Sagar Port Office looking at a possible route from Sagar to Fangora. After some study and consultations, they come up with a route.

For the first jump, the Star Sprite will travel north through the phlogiston from Sagar it is within Syl's jump range of a place called Panjeeb Rock. It will take about 3.3 hours and cost Shaarilla 5 spell points. Then Syl can plot the course to Panjeeb Rock, which will cost 1 spell point and it will then take about 3.5 hours to get there. The spell point cost for the jump through astral space can be paid for by either Syl (8 spell points) or Shaarilla (4 spell points).

The second part of the journey is a direct jump from Panjeeb Rock to Delta Bay, which is within Syl's range. It will cost 1 spell point for the jump and another 8 (Syl) or 4 (Shaarilla) spell points and take about 3.5 hours.

Jump 3 is direct from Delta Bay to Gita's Retreat. About 3.5 hours, and 1 spell point for the plot plus 8 (Syl) or 4 (Shaarilla) spell points for the trip.

Jump 4 is 650 miles so Shaarilla will need to fly through the phlogiston for about 250 miles (4 hours, 7 spell points) before Syl can plot a safe jump (3.5 hours, 1 spell point plus 8 (Syl) or 4 (Shaarilla). This takes the group to Stellar Bright.

Jump 5 is 750 miles so Shaarilla will need to fly through the phlogiston for about 350 miles (6 hours, 9 spell points) before Syl can plot a safe jump (3.5 hours, 1 spell point plus 8 (Syl) or 4 (Shaarilla). This takes the group to Center Rock Port.

The final jump to Fangora is the same as jump 5.

GM: Obviously this will be a multi-day journey with each jump/let being one day so it should take about six days to reach Fangora. Delta Bay, Stellar Bright and Fangora are all major cities of the kingdom. Panjeeb Rock is a barren asteroid, per the people in the Port Office. They do not know about Gita's Retreat but believe that a powerful adventurer retired there a long time ago. It is probably nothing more than a ruin now. Center Rock Point is a small city midway between Stellar Bright and Fangora.

SHAARILLA (GM): It looks like the travel times and spell point costs are based on a rank five pilot. Shaarilla is no longer a hobbyist pilot, having reached rank 6. Don’t expect this to make a big difference, but travel times and spell point usage should be a little less than listed above. Shaarilla finally gets to earn her keep in the party :-)

GM: You're right. I forgot you went up to 6. I went back and adjusted the numbers.

BARNAS: When Shaarilla and Syl report their finding and path forward the young cleric is very excited. "Well done you two. Looks like we need to stock up on provisions for the journey and we will have plenty of time to study and ponder."

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