Blue Mountain
Swords and Sorcery

Flaw:Blue Blood
Description:Every hit with a slashing weapon causes a bleeding wound. Such wounds bleed at a rate of 1 point per round. Thus, if you get hit 3 times with a sword, you will bleed 3 points per round.

A character with this flaw can automatically stop one point of bleeding each round. The character can take no other actions and must have bandages on hand.

Those with First Aid skill or Animal Healing can assist the character with this flaw in stopping bleeding with successful skill rolls. Partial Success indicates 1 point is stopped. Near Success results in 2 points being stopped. Success indicates 3 points stopped. Absolute Success indicates that all bleeding wounds are bandaged and no more bleeding occurs.

Healing spells can stop bleeding wounds but at the expense of actual healing. For example, if you are down 20 hit points, and have 4 wounds bleeding 1 point per round, and are hit with a Cure Light Wounds for 5 points, the first 4 points go to stopping the 4 bleeding wounds and you are only actually healed 1 point.