Blue Mountain
Jam Technology
Available To:Breed: Homid
Primal Urge Prerequisite:1
For 1 Gnosis point, the Garou causes technological devices within (rank x 50) feet to malfunction. Once per round, the werewolf can target a specific device by making a skill roll (((MA - 15) x 3) + (Rank x 15)). If the roll is successful, the device malfunctions. Use the following table for modifiers and malfunctions.

Device CategoryExampleModifierMalfunction
Complex DeviceClock-0The device ceases to function for 1d10 rounds per rank.
Moving PartsWagon, crossbow-10The moving parts lock up for 1d8 rounds per rank.
Simple DeviceBow, saddle-20The moving parts operate erratically (-30 to rolls) for 1d6 rounds per rank.
No moving partsSword, dagger, mace-30The device does not perform as expected (-15 to all rolls; -3 to damage for weapons) for 1d4 rounds per rank.
Non-techClub, staffNANon-tech objects cannot be targeted with this talent