Blue Mountain
Weapon Whip
A whip is an unusual weapon in that it is a melee weapon but the whip end can't effectively be used on targets who are right next to the wielder. The wielder can avoid this issue by taking a 5 foot free move each round to put some distance between himself and his opponent but the opponent can counter by moving as well. As such, the wielder of the whip may only be able to get a single melee attack each round with the whip end.

Fortunately, the handle of a combat whip is deliberately heavy and can be used as a blackjack, with the same damage as one.

The whip end of a whip is best used on a target who is one or two squares away (max of 10 feet away).

A whip is also effective at disarming, grabbing and knocking down opponents. The chance of a successful disarm or knockdown (normally 25% for a normal hit) is increased by 1% per rank with Whip.

At rank 10 and higher, the whip wielder can perform Indiana Jones type maneuver such as latching onto an overhanging protrusion and swinging.