Blue Mountain
Adrenal Strength
This skill temporarily increases the characters Strength by 1 point per 2 ranks and lasts for 1 round per rank. The character can keep it going longer but will take 1d6 of non-lethal damage (see rules) per round beyond what he is normally allowed.

If the strength add brings the character to their racial maximum, this skill can increase it beyond racial maximum, but the ratio drops to +1 strength per 4 ranks (round down).

Example: Philyra has a STR of 24 and is rank 6 with this ability. Rank 6 would normally give her a +3 to STR but, because her racial max is 25, it only gives her a +2 STR. The first 2 ranks increase her STR to 25 and then it takes 4 ranks to get the next +1. If she had only been rank 5, then it would only give her a +1 STR until she improved to rank 6.

Once this ability is used, it can't be used again for 2 hours. It takes 1 full round of preparation to use this ability.