Blue Mountain
Mental Perception
Only psionically aware characters may use this skill. The character is able to "burn" a mental point and detect mental energy out to a range of (rank x 3) feet for a period of 1 minute per rank.

At rank 11 and higher, range increases to 30 + ((rank - 10) x 6) feet while duration extends to 10 + ((rank - 10) x 3). Thus, at rank 10, range is 30 feet and duration is 10 minutes. At rank 11, range is 36 feet and duration is 13 minutes. At rank 12, range is 42 feet and duration is 16 minutes, and so on.

With mental perception active, the psionicist can see psionic activity that is normally invisible.

Those with the Mental Resistance talent can also purchase this skill but rank cannot exceed rank with Mental Resistance.