Blue Mountain
A storyteller is skilled at writing at telling interesting stories. Bonus for telling a story is 6% per rank, plus CHA bonus ((CHA -15 ) x 3). Storytellers know many legends. The chance that a storyteller knows a particular legend is 4% per rank, plus Know bonus ((KNOW - 15) x 3). The GM may assign modifiers for particular well-known or particularly obscure legends.

Reading/Writing – A storyteller must be able to read and write a language at rank 6 or higher to advance beyond rank 3. In addition, he must be able to read and write at rank 8 to advance beyond rank 5, and must be able to read and write at rank 10 to advanced beyond rank 7.

Renown - As you gain rank, you also gain renown. Base chance that someone has heard of you is equal to rank x 3%, plus the person’s Courtesan rank x 2%. The GM may also include modifiers. This assumes that you have performed fairly regularly in that city.

Making a Living – You can make a living in a city large enough to support performing artists. Monthly income (30 day months) is equal to (rank x rank) silver pieces.

Rank 6 – At rank 6, the storyteller is also a writer. He can write interesting books on any subject that he knows, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. Bonus for writing a book that is well-written, grammatically correct, and interesting to read, is 6% per rank above 5th, plus INT/KNOW/CHA bonus (INT + KNOW + CHA - 45).

Rank 8 – At rank 8, the storyteller is also a playwright. He can write plays for any number of actors. Bonus for writing plays is 6% per rank above 7th, plus INT/KNOW/CHA bonus (INT + KNOW + CHA - 45)s.

Storytelling as grants a bonus to Everything Lore equal to rank (i.e., someone who is rank 8 with Storytelling gains a +8 to their Everything Lore). This bonus is automatically included in the Everything Lore bonus indicated on the character sheet.