Blue Mountain
Woodland Movement
The character with this skill is adept at moving through the woods, including jungles and swamps. They can find the best route through thick underbrush.

The GM will decide the specific impact to normal TMR based on the thickness of the underbrush. For example, the GM may state that TMR is halved (reduced to 50%) due to the thickness of the underbrush. Or he might even give a specific number and state that TMR is reduced to 20 feet per round.

Each rank of this ability improves the character's TMR in such situations.

TMR Reduced to:Each Rank of this Skill adds:
75%3 feet
50%2 feet
25%1 feet

For example, Nurel has a normal TMR of 63 feet per round and enters thick underbrush. The GM says movement is reduced to 50% (halved), giving him a TMR of 32 for as long as he remains in the thick underbrush. However, Nurel has 5 ranks of Woodland Movement so he can add 10 giving him an actual TMR of 42 while in the underbrush.

In no case can this skill improve TMR above normal max. For example, if Nurel had 20 ranks of Woodland Movement, he could move at normal TMR (63) through the woods and not 72 (32+40). The GM may allow those with a bonus higher than their normal TMR to perform amazing feats in the environment, such as leaping from branch to branch to gain altitude.

In cases where the GM uses a specific number instead of a percentage, the GM will determine the effect. For example, the GM may state that movement is reduced to 20 feet per round regardless of normal TMR. He will probably rule that each rank of this skill improves the TMR by 1 since it is likely close to 25% for most characters.

Characters with this skill gain a +1 per rank to saves vs. Entangle and similar spells.