Animal Lore
With a successful Animal Lore roll ((KNOW - 15) x 3) + (Rank x 5), the character knows something about the animal, as indicated below:
  • Absolute Success - Knows all there is to know about the animal type
  • Success - Knows all common facts, and some uncommon facts about the animal type
  • Near Success - Knows most common facts about the animal type
  • Partial Success - Knows some common facts about the animal type
  • Failure - Doesn't recognize the animal
  • Absolute Failure - Misidentifies the animal
  • Blunder - Misidentifies the animal as a particular dangerous creature when it is not, or as a friendly creature when it is not.

The character's roll is modified by the relative obscurity of the creature:
  • Common: +10
  • Uncommon: -0%
  • Rare: -10%
  • Very Rare: -20%

The character can also imitate and recognize animal sounds with a successful skill roll ((PER - 15) x 3) + (Rank x 5)