Rule Category:Spelljamming
Rule Name:Spelljammers
Star Sprite
Spelljamming HelmSteering oar
Maximum Speed100 MPH
Astral Limit10,000 miles
Hit Points50
Damage Reduction25%
Defense30 + ?? = ??
SizeTiny (-25 to hit)
PilotRank ??
Armament 1None
Armament 2None
DescriptionThe Star Sprite looks like an old-fashioned longboat with center sail and sweep oar, which functions as the magical helm. It is 25 feet long with a low center hut occupying the middle third of the vessel (about 8 feet long) and bench seats fore and aft. The sail rises up through the hut.

Duke of Earl
Spelljamming HelmQuarterdeck Steering Helm coupled with solar sails
Maximum Speed1,000 MPH
Astral Limit25,000 miles
Hit Points200
Damage Reduction25%
Defense20 + 50 = 70
SizeMedium (-0)
PilotRank 10 (+50 DEF)
Armament 1Spell Cannon (main mast, 360 degree)
Armament 2Ballistae (x2) (quarterdeck, 135 degree each)
DescriptionThe Duke of Earl looks like a 70 foot sailing ship, complete with masts and sails. The helm is located on the quarterdeck and is magically linked to the solar sails that provide momentum. Use the Sea Ghost description from The Secret of Saltmarsh for the Duke of Earl.

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