Profession Category:Thief
Easy Start
Important attributes: INT, DEX and PER

Suggested starting skills

Assassin List

Ambush to rank 2
Assassination to rank 1
Build Trap to rank 1
Poison Lore to rank 1
Streetwise to rank 1

Assassin or Rogue List
Weapon skill ro rank 1

Talent List
Pick your maximum starting talents (1 for dual-classed, 3 for single-classed)

An assassin is a master of death. He makes his living by assassination. He is skilled at killing by lethal traps, deadly poisons and weapons.

The primary attributes of an Assassin are INT, DEX and PER

Weapon Specialization
An assassin can choose one of the following specialization options
  • Double Specialize in Blackjack, Blowgun, Dagger or Garrote
  • Single Specialize in two weapons. Choose from Blackjack, Blowgun, Dagger and Garrote
  • Single Specialize in Hand Crossbow or Short Sword

Ambush Skill
The bread-and-butter skill for assassins is Ambush skill in conjunction with one or more weapon skills. In addition to the normal benefits of Ambush skill, the assassin gains additional benefits as indicated below.
  • Rank 4 – If a grievous hit is indicated, another roll is not made to see if a grievous actually occurs. A grievous wound always occurs when a grievous hit is indicated.
  • Rank 8 – 2x damage (target skill gets PROT, if applicable)
  • Rank 11 – Starting at rank 11, the assassin’s chance for a critical and grievous result increases to 3% for critical and 2% for grievous.

Highly Perceptive
Assassins need to be very perceptive. A starting assassin should have a good PER and should continue to improve it as they advance in their profession. Additionally, racial max for PER improves when the following thresholds are met.
  • 8 different skills from the Assassin and/or Rogue lists are rank 8 or higher, racial max improves by 1.
  • 10 different skills from the Assassin and/or Rogue lists to rank 12 or higher, racial max improves by 2.

A human assassin starts with a racial max of 25. This improves to 26 when they meet the first threshold, and 27 when they meet the second threshold. They must still spend points to improve their PER. This ability simply gives them the justification to buy it higher than 25, something that is not normally allowed.

Skill List Multiples
General - x1 (if dual-classed then x1.25)
Holy Skills - x2.0
Warrior Skills - x1.25
Sorcery Skills - x1.5
Rogue Skills - x1.0
Talents - x1.0
Stat Multiples:
Skill EXP Multiples:Any skill not listed below is assumed to have a EXP multiple of 1.0.

Religious Language Aster
Religious Language High Eirenay
Religious Language High Sindathul
Religious Language Low Eirenay
Religious Language Low Sindathul
Religious Language Middle Eirenay
Religious Language Middle Sindathul
Religious Language Nifle
Religious Language Sumerian
Religious Lore
Artifact Lore
Astral Lore
Demon/Devil Lore
Elemental Lore
Faerie Lore
Language Draconian
Magic Language - Elementia
Magic Language - Naturian
Magic Language - Nifle
Magic Language - Oozian
Magic Language - Psion
Magic Language - Shadian
Magic Language - Sorcery
Magic Language - Witchery
Magic Lore
Plant and Herb Lore
Adrenal Strength
Armor Lore
Dragon Lore
Hit Points
Maneuver in Armor
Master of Hurled Weapons
Master Swordsman
Military Scientist
Overhand Attack
Range of Field
Shield Large
Staff Defense
Undead Lore
Weapon Ballista
Weapon Bastard Sword
Weapon Battle Axe
Weapon Bola
Weapon Bow
Weapon Broadsword
Weapon Catapult
Weapon Crossbow
Weapon Flail
Weapon Halberd
Weapon Hand Axe
Weapon Lance
Weapon Lore
Weapon Mace
Weapon Morning Star
Weapon Neptune Trident
Weapon Net
Weapon Pike
Weapon Quarterstaff
Weapon Roman Trident
Weapon Spear
Weapon Two Handed Sword
Weapon War Hammer
Forbidden Skills:All Barbarian Weapons
All Hafted Weapons
All Missile Weapons
All Pole Arms
All Swashbuckler Weapons
All Swords
All Thrown Weapons
Beast Speech
Cast Clerical Spells
COP Missiles
Create Element
Direction Sense
Disease Resistance
Distant Death
Drop of the Fallen
Drow Spells
Endure Cold
Endure Heat
Eyes of the Wolf
Fast Healer
Focused Attack
Great Leaps
Healing Specialist
Homid Combat
Jam Technology
Leap of the Kangeroo
Living Weapon
Lupus Combat
Mage Air Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Air Magics General Knowledge
Mage Air Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics General Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics General Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics General Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics Special Knowledge
Mage E&E Arcane Knowledge
Mage E&E General Knowledge
Mage E&E Special Knowledge
Mage General Spells Arcane Knowledge
Mage General Spells General Knowledge
Mage General Spells Special Knowledge
Mage Green Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Green Magics General Knowledge
Mage Green Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Illusions Arcane Knowledge
Mage Illusions General Knowledge
Mage Illusions Special Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer Arcane Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer General Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer Special Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings Arcane Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings General Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings Special Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind Arcane Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind General Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind Special Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics General Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Water Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Water Magics General Knowledge
Mage Water Magics Special Knowledge
Magic Dampener
Magic Enhancer
Magic Resistance
Martial Artist
Master Bowman
Master Defender
Master of Battle Magics
Master of Defensive Magics
Master Ritualist
Mental Perception
Mental Resistance
Mystic Sense
Poison Resistance
Power Perception
Primal Urge - Homid
Psionic Combat
Psionic Concentration
Reshape Natural Object
Scent of the Wolf
Sense Wyrm
Sleep and Charm Resistance
Smell of Man
Speed Reading
Spell Energy
Spell Memory
Spelljammer Astrogator
Spelljammer Pilot
Spirit Ward
Strong Lungs
Time Sense
Turn Undead
Weapons Kata
Weather Seer
Magic Missile
Agent of Law
Combat Sense