Rule Category:Combat
Rule Name:Non-Proficiency Penalty
Anyone can pick up any weapon and try to use it. If you have no weapon skills that apply to the weapon, however, you may be at a disadvantage in trying to use the weapon, depending on your profession. If you are dual-classed, use the better class for determining non-proficiency (i.e., a fighter/mage would use the fighter non-proficiency penalty). Strike chance is equal to the weapon's base chance, plus DEX, minus the non-proficiency penalty below.

Beastmaster: -10
Cleric: -15
Fighter: -0
Mage: -25
Martial Artist: -10
Mariner: -5
Mechanician: -15
Paladin: -0
Ranger: -5
Thief: -10

Note that other constraints may apply. For example, a paladin would usually consider it to be dishonorable to use a ranged weapon.
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