Profession Category:Fighter
Easy Start
Important attributes: STR, CON, LUCK

Suggested starting skills

Barbarian List

All Barbarian Weapons
Hit Points
Shield (either large or small)

Talent List
Pick your maximum starting talents (1 for dual-classed, 3 for single-classed)

The primary attributes of a Barbarian are STR, CON and LUCK.

Barbarians must choose a non-lawful alignment. Most barbarians start the game with the Illiterate flaw though they may later buy this off by learning to read and write.

Magic Items
A barbarian is limited in the number of magic items they can carry. A barbarian can carry a maximum of (barbarian rank x 2) power levels of magic items. If more than this is carried, the barbarian cannot use any of their special abilities (listed below) and suffers a -2 to their LUCK. If the barbarian divests themselves of the excessive magic items, they can begin using their special abilities again, and regain their LUCK, after 1 hour.

Weapon Specialization
A barbarian character can choose to double specialize in a single weapon from the All Barbarian Weapons list, single specialize in the entire All Barbarian Weapons skill or single specialize in two different weapons which do not need to be in the barbarian weapons list. See the skill All Barbarian Weapons for the list of weapons.

Sense Magic
Barbarians are able to "sense" the presence of magic by concentrating on a specific object or area with 3 (+1/rank) feet. It is up to the character to decide the exact effect of this ability. Perhaps the barbarian is sensitive to the scent of magic or maybe the hairs on the back of their neck rise when they sense magic. To sense magic, the barbarian makes a skill roll with a bonus of ((MA - 15) x 3) + (Rank x 5).
  • Absolute Success - The barbarian senses the presence and exact location of magic and can determine the power of the magic on a scale of 1 to X where X is equal to 10 or rank, whichever is less. The barbarian can also sense the college of magic if he has encountered the college before. If it is clerical magic, he can similarly sense the realm.
  • Success - The barbarian senses the presence and exact location of magic and can determine the power of the magic on a scale of 1 to X where X is equal to 10 or rank, whichever is less.
  • Near Success - The barbarian sense the presence of magic in a specific direction within range and can determine the power of the magic on a scale of 1 to X where X is equal to 10 or rank, whichever is less. Roll 1d6 on a 1 or 2, he understates the power of the magic by 1 or 2 levels, on a 3 or 4, he correctly states the power of the magic and on a 5 or 6, he overstates the power of the magic by 1 or 2.
  • Partial Success - The barbarian senses the presence of magic within his area of effect, but nothing more.
  • Failure - The barbarian senses no magic even if the object or area being scanned is magical.
  • Absolute Failure - False positive or negative. If the object is magical, he senses no magic and if the object is not magical, he senses magic exactly as if he had rolled Success. Roll randomly for level of magic though it will always be in the lower one half of the barbarian's range.
  • Blunder - As Absolute Failure. If object is not magical, the barbarian senses magic exactly as if he had rolled Absolute Success. Roll randomly for college/realm of magic and level

Natural Protection
Barbarian's generally rely on their LUCK-based protection. At barbarian rank 6, they gain a +1 to the LUCK-based protection, as long as they are wearing nothing heavier than basic, non-magical leather armor and have no other magical items that grant protection. This bonus increases to +2 at rank 12. LUCK-based protection stacks with leather armor for barbarians

Affect Creatures that Normally Require Magic Weapons to Hit
Barbarians can affect creatures that normally require magic weapons to hit.

At rank 4, the barbarian can hit creatures that normally require a +1 weapon to hit.
At rank 6, the barbarian can hit creatures that normally require a +2 weapon to hit.
At rank 12, the barbarian can hit creatures that normally require a +3 weapon to hit.
At rank 16, the barbarian can hit creatures that normally require a +4 weapon to hit.
At rank 20, the barbarian can hit creatures that normally require a +5 weapon to hit.

Bonus to Magic Saving Throws
Barbarians gains a bonus to their magic saving throws equal to rank.

Required Skills
Required skills must be bought up to improve Overall Level. Required skills must be included when calculating Overall Level.

Required skills for Barbarian are:
  • All Barbarian Weapons
  • Barbarian
  • Hit Points
  • Running
  • Shield Large
  • Survival
  • Tracking

Skill List Multiples
General - x1 (if dual-classed then x1.25)
Holy Skills - x1.5
Warrior Skills - x1.0
Sorcery Skills - x2.0
Rogue Skills - x1.5
Talents - x1.0
Stat Multiples:
Skill EXP Multiples:Any skill not listed below is assumed to have a EXP multiple of 1.0.

Artifact Lore
Astral Lore
Dragon Lore
Elemental Lore
Language Draconian
Magic Lore
Demon/Devil Lore
Find Traps
Gem and Jewelry Appraisal
Locate Secret Openings
Open Locks
Religious Language Aster
Religious Language High Eirenay
Religious Language High Sindathul
Religious Language Low Eirenay
Religious Language Low Sindathul
Religious Language Middle Eirenay
Religious Language Middle Sindathul
Religious Language Nifle
Religious Language Sumerian
Religious Lore
Remove Traps
Undead Lore
Hit Points
Plant and Herb Lore
Animal Healer
Animal Lore
Animal Trainer
First Aid
Trap Building
Woodland Movement
Forbidden Skills:All Swashbuckler Weapons
Beast Speech
Cast Clerical Spells
COP Missiles
Create Element
Direction Sense
Disease Resistance
Distant Death
Drop of the Fallen
Drow Spells
Endure Cold
Endure Heat
Eyes of the Wolf
Fast Healer
Focused Attack
Great Leaps
Healing Specialist
Homid Combat
Jam Technology
Leap of the Kangeroo
Living Weapon
Lupus Combat
Mage Air Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Air Magics General Knowledge
Mage Air Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics General Knowledge
Mage Dark Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics General Knowledge
Mage Disenchanting Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics General Knowledge
Mage Earth Magics Special Knowledge
Mage E&E Arcane Knowledge
Mage E&E General Knowledge
Mage E&E Special Knowledge
Mage General Spells Arcane Knowledge
Mage General Spells General Knowledge
Mage General Spells Special Knowledge
Mage Green Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Green Magics General Knowledge
Mage Green Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Illusions Arcane Knowledge
Mage Illusions General Knowledge
Mage Illusions Special Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer Arcane Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer General Knowledge
Mage Lay Healer Special Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings Arcane Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings General Knowledge
Mage Lesser Summonings Special Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind Arcane Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind General Knowledge
Mage Sorceries of the Mind Special Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics General Knowledge
Mage Transformation Magics Special Knowledge
Mage Water Magics Arcane Knowledge
Mage Water Magics General Knowledge
Mage Water Magics Special Knowledge
Magic Dampener
Magic Enhancer
Magic Language - Elementia
Magic Language - Naturian
Magic Language - Nifle
Magic Language - Oozian
Magic Language - Psion
Magic Language - Shadian
Magic Language - Sorcery
Magic Language - Witchery
Master of Battle Magics
Master of Defensive Magics
Master Ritualist
Mental Perception
Mental Resistance
Mystic Sense
Poison Resistance
Power Perception
Primal Urge - Homid
Psionic Combat
Psionic Concentration
Reshape Natural Object
Scent of the Wolf
Sense Wyrm
Sleep and Charm Resistance
Smell of Man
Spell Energy
Spell Memory
Spelljammer Astrogator
Spelljammer Pilot
Spirit Ward
Strong Lungs
Time Sense
Turn Undead
Weapons Kata
Agent of Law