Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Complimentary Skill Rolls
The Complimentary Skill rules have two possible cases.

1. Two or more people working on the same task

If more than one person is working on a task that requires but one skill roll, this rule applies.

Use the highest bonus of those working on the task and then add 2% per rank of the others involved.

For example, Philyra and Qix are building an animal trap. They only plan to build one trap. They work together to design and build the trap.

Qix is rank 3 with a 20% bonus while Philyra is rank 3 with a 27% bonus. One roll is made using the highest bonus (Philyra's 27% bonus) and 2 added for each of Qix's 3 ranks, for a total bonus of 33%.

If each were going to design and build their own trap, with no help from the other, then they would each make separate rolls using their base bonuses.

2. A character with two or more skills for the same task

Use this rule if the GM calls for a task roll and the character has the task in multiple skills.

Take the highest bonus and then add 2% per rank of the other skill.

For example, Darkthorn is foraging for food. He has both Survival (rank 4 with 39% bonus to find food) and Plant and Herb Lore (rank 3 with 34% bonus to find food). He uses the higher bonus of 39% and then adds 2 for each rank of Plant and Herb Lore for a total bonus of 45%
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