Location Name:Sagar
Location Type:City
Location ID:0001
Kingdom:Kingdom of Celestian
Street or Section:
Location Description (public):Sagar is a small city of about 3000 people on the border of the Kingdom of Celestian. The city is situated on a small planetoid that is roughly 5 kilometers in diameter. It sits on the edge of the Delta Sea, a globular body of water within the kingdom that is a hundred miles in diameter. At the center of the sea is a very dense asteroid that exerts gravity equal to normal-g on the surface of the sea. The planetoid of Sagarone, on which the city of Sagar is located, floats a hundred miles above the sea. Tiny fishing spelljammers that are incapable of Otherspace jumps travel frequently between Sagar and the Delta Sea.
  • Dead Bones - Undead Lore (max 4, num 2) - 55 sp
  • The Spirit World - Undead Lore (max 7, num 3) - 145 sp
  • March of Heroes - Artifact Lore (max 3, num 2) - 70 sp