Spell Wand
Magic Item Category:Rod, Staff, Wand
Class Restrictions:
(Who can use this item?)
Magic Item Name:Spell Wand
Power Level:5
Who Has This Item:Darius
Attunement:5 days
This item can be used by a mage to hold spells that can later be cast, either by himself or by someone else who knows the proper invocation command word. A given Spell Wand can hold up to 1d6+4 spell points worth of spells. Roll once when the wand is found as the capacity will not change thereafter. Thus, a wand that could hold 6 spell points worth of spells, could hold three special knowledge spells or six general knowledge spells or two special and 2 general knowledge spells, or any other combination that adds up to six spell points worth of spells.

A Spell Wand cannot hold a ritual.

01-20Minimal Spell Wand5 spell points2,000
21-40Minor Spell Wand6 spell points2,400
41-80Standard Spell Wand7 spell points2,800
81-90Major Spell Wand8 spell points3,200
91-00Principle Spell Wand9 spell points3,600

To put a spell into the wand, it must be slow cast but will automatically work.
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