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GM: For the Spelljammer campaign, I want to put a little more rigor around lores. Basically, to buy or improve a lore skill, you must have a book or teacher. When you find or purchase books, they will be rated to indicate how many ranks of a given skill you can buy and the max rank the book can give you. For example, you might find a simple book on Animal Lore that is rated 2 ranks and max rank of 5. Thus, you could use it to justify buying 2 ranks of Animal Lore but this can't take you above rank 5. You would need to find a more detailed book to get above rank 5.

GM: Just keep this in mind when you consider buying or improving lores.

GM: I also plan on incorporating both Speed Reading and Memory skills into this rule but haven't yet decided exactly how.

TYRA (OOC): Sounds good to me. I was curious if you are open to doing like we did with Blue Mountain where we had some points just for lores that were spent on things we would have been exposed to before the game started. For Tyra, there isn't much and I'm fine saying she's led a sheltered life and this is the first time off Spelljammer. So her lores would be limited to Spelljammer (a certain region of it maybe?), religious lore Tyr/Norse mythology, and fighter related lores.

BARNAS: I think which Lores we want should be something we should discuss to increase our chances to have things covered.

BARNAS: Barnas already has Religious Lore (because it made sense), and I can easily see him picking up odd Lores because his is a follower of Thoth, so I am happy to pick up Lores that the party might feel is useful but might not make sense for other characters

LANI: I don't see Lani as ever being a strong lore person but she definitely wants to have some ranks in Monster Lore and Undead Lore.

SHAARILLA: Given her interests, Shaarilla will be getting Phlogiston Lore lores (from talking to sailers) and Spelljamer lore. She’ll also have a bit of area and culture of Spelljammer (since she’s lived there her whole life), and Magic Lore (since she’s a mage). She won’t be starting with any monster lores.

KC: I see if taking religious lore, animal lore, poison lore, animal and plant lores also.

TYRA: Unlike Darius, Tyra is not great with lores. Right now I have her with weapon lore, armor lore, and monster lore. If there are any other lores you would think a fighter type like her would take, then I'm all ears. I'm also fine having her be slim on lores.

TYRA (GM): Steve, I am interested a focused version of religious lore for Tyr or its related pantheon (assuming Norse). Not s
ure if you want to make custom lore skills like you used to have so I figured I'd ask. It may have zero game effect so I can just ignore too.

MARTIN: I see Martin as having weapon lore and "opponent" lore - i.e. monster and undead lore, lore of other mercenary groups, etc.

MARTIN: (GM) don't know if that last one exists as an actual lore?

GM: I added a skill called Religious Lore - Norse for Tyra and a skill called Mercenary Lore for Martin. Others can obviously take these skills as well if they make sense for your character.

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