Blue Mountain
Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Finding Information
The best way to handle someone trying to find information is with a pair of rolls.

If the character is openly trying to find information (e.g., "How do I get to Fredo's Bar?"), they will make both a Luck roll and an Information Please roll. The Luck roll is to determine how much the target knows regarding the question and the second roll determines how well they are likely to share the information. The GM will determine the target needed for the Luck roll, and any bonus or penalty to the Information Please roll based on circumstances. Partial or Near Success may indicate that the target wants money in exchange for information. Even Success, depending on the nature of the target, may require payment. Failure doesn't necessarily mean that the target will not part with information. It may just mean they may have to pay more money.

If the character is trying to be subtle about finding information, it will generally take longer as they cannot ask the questions directly. This will also require two rolls. The first is a Luck roll and the second is a Subtle Extraction roll (c.f., Conversation skill). The first roll determines how much the target knows about the subject and the second determine how subtle the character was in extracting the information. Payment of money is not normally a factor unless the character fails the roll and the target becomes aware of what the character is really asking for.

Note also that there is a Find Information task under Streetwise skill that can be used in place of the Information Please or Subtle Extraction roll.
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