Rule Category:Skills
Rule Name:Earning EXP from Training
Characters can earn EXP by taking time out to train. This is primarily for non-combat skills. The GM must approve use for combat and magical skills.

Training TypeCost per monthEXP Earned per monthNotes
Practice100 sp500Cost includes semi-private room and board. Can be used only for non-combat skills.
Reading and practice200 sp750Must also purchase books to read if not already owned. Cost include private room (for quiet studying) and board. Can only be used for non-combat skills.
Trainer and practice400 sp1000Cost includes semi-private room and board, and cost for trainer. The GM may modify the cost based on the skill (maybe a bit less for someone who plans to learn/improve Cooking but more for learning Alchemy). Can only be used for non-combat skills.
Combat skills450 sp600Cost includes hiring trainers to assist and assumes that such trainers are available.
Magic skills500 sp600Cost includes hiring magical trainers and assumes that such trainers are available.

The GM is free to limit this or incorporate diminishing returns if used too often.

Old Rules

By spending some time training, a character can earn EXP towards a specific skill. This rule should only be used for non-combat related skills (and possibly spells at the GM's discretion).

For each full week spent in training, the character will earn EXP towards a specific skill that they must name and communicate to the GM. They must also indicate the means by which they are training in the skill. Options include:
  • Practice - The character is simply spending time practicing the skill. This is generally okay for physical skills but may not work for lores.
  • Reading - The character is improving their skill by reading books. This is generally okay for lores but may be of limited value for physical skills.
  • Trainer - The character is having someone train them. The trainer is of equal or higher rank than the level that the character wants to achieve. Ideally, the trainer also has ranks in Instructor skill.

These rules can only be used if the character is doing nothing but training. In general, it means the character is staying at an inn and concentrating solely on training. Cost includes Room and Board at a typical inn and assumes a private room with two bunks (and a roommate).

Training MethodEXP Earned per Tenday
Room and Board
Instruction CostNotes
Private Room
Reading250100 spCost includes 1 book per Tenday
Trainer200 + (instructor rank x 25)Instructor rank x 25
The GM should keep track of EXP earned in this manner and when it is enough to improve a rank, add the exp to the character and increase the rank on their character sheet.
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