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The Volturnus Adventure - Turn 2.3 - Assault On The Pirate Outpost

AlysonMilitary Skeinsuit (50/50)
CarterBlack Skeinsuit (50/50)0
Ciara Anne
GeorgeMilitary Skeinsuit (50/50)
GormanBlack Skeinsuit (50/50)
Jim JitsuAlbedo Skeinsuit (50/50)
MykelMilitary Skeinsuit (45/50)
With their plan in place, the group moves down the dry gorge towards the lake and then waits for the proper time so that they can time it correctly. They will rush towards the fence, let Alzarix and Carter disable the fence, cut through the fence and then wait near the main entrance for the combat bot to exit for a security round. There are no cameras monitoring the entrance. When the bot appears, they will engage it in melee while S'lch attempts to disable the bot. Gorman will hold the door open to keep it from closing and engaging the lock.
The time comes and the group sprints across the open ground towards the northeast corner of the fence. None of the cameras appear to cover this section. Carter and Alzarix remove the access panel for the fence.

GM: Both Carter and Alzarix can send a roll for Deactivating Alarms/Defenses. The main technician is Alzarix but if Carter rolls well, he can provide a boost for Alzarix's roll. Use the VRoll command for the die rolls.

CARTER TECH: Taking off the 10% for Tier 1 Defense: Deactivating Alarms/Defenses (45): [rolled (43) Success]

ALZARIX: Spinting to the control box and quickly unscrews the cover. "Let's see..... this red one looks like the the power wire, black is gound, white goes to this board and the blue goes to there. To not set of an alarm we should do..........."

ALZARIX: Deactivating Alarms / Defenses rolled a [rolled (56) Success].

GM: Let me know who wants to do what when the combat bot appears. Obviously S'lch will need to be engaging the bot, and Gorman will hold the door. Who else will engage the bot to keep it busy. Who will back up Gorman at the door, since there might be someone inside.

ALYSON: Alyson will be there to help with the bot. If needed. If not she can help Gorman with anyone that comes through that door.

CIARA: Ciara will back up Gorman and also keep watch if there are no immediate threats. Ciara would also want to identify something to place in the doorway to keep the door from latching. Ideally, this would be a thin, tough shim like one of our metal or hard plastic so in case there's a fight or the door slips, it doesn't latch.

CARTER: Will help Gorman with the door in case there is someone after the robot exits.

ALYSON: Alyson is also ready to help with combat bot.

ALYSON OOC What do they come armed with. If HTH her high DEX could allow her to play dodge with it.
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