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The Volturnus Adventure - Turn 1.9 - Battle Aftermath

AlysonMilitary Skeinsuit (50/50)
CarterBlack Skeinsuit (50/50)0
Ciara Anne
GeorgeMilitary Skeinsuit (50/50)
GormanBlack Skeinsuit (50/50)
Jim JitsuCivilian Skeinsuit (50/50)
MykelMilitary Skeinsuit (45/50)
GM: Let me know what you want to do after the battle. If you would like first aid or minor surgery, let me know. I will send a complete list of the stuff you find on the down pirates. I will also let you know how many are still alive but were knocked unconscious and are now your prisoners.
ENSIGN FURY: "S'lch, would you mind helping me out with communications with these native creatures. I would like you to use your Vizoldt Chronocom to record some of their sounds that I can listen to later. Maybe once with have the new Vizoldt hacked, I can take it and use it for communications."

ENSIGN FURY: George will be spending much time with the kurabanda attempting to communicate with them. Here are a few Communications rolls: [rolled (43) Success], [rolled (44) Success], [rolled (72) Success]

ENSIGN FURY: Almost forgot. Here are some Alien Interaction rolls (from Xenolinguistics skills): [rolled (39) Success], [rolled (71) Failure], [rolled (40) Success]

ALYSON: Alyson says,"I can help with wounded."

CIARA: Ciara will make sure everyone in the group is accounted for and will help anyone in need. After that, she'll turn her attention to their new friends.

CARTER (GM): Can't find my old emails for cracking the first Vizoldt so I'll guess. Does he get a bonus since he cracked the first one??

CARTER: Can also help with First Aid (Rank 1); he'll do that to take a break from the Vizoldt

Defeating Security [rolled (1) Grievous Success!!!] (-20 modifier included)
General Cryptographic Knowledge [rolled (94) Partial Success]
First Aid [rolled (25) Success]

GM: The correct skill is Defeat Security. Security level is 2 so there is a -20 to the roll (I made the change above). It will take Carter [rolled 10] hours to defeat the security of the device if he is successful.

Quite a few of the group suffered wounds during the battle with the crazed pirates and they all cycle through Gorman's first aid tent. Alyson provides medical assistance for Gorman. Together they perform first aid on Alzarix, Carter, George, Jim and Mykel (healing each of them 10 STA). Both Alzarix and Mykel could benefit from minor surgery although Mykel is a relatively fast healer and will be right as rain after 10 days of rest. Alzarix would require almost 30 days of rest to fully heal.

GM: Let me know if Alzarix or Mykel will ask for minor surgery. The group has 63 doses of biocort available. Gorman has a 75% chance with minor surgery and each attempt uses 2 doses.

While Ensign Fury and Ciara spend their time with the Kurabanda, and Gorman and Alyson perform first aid, the rest of the group goes about retrieving the bodies of the pirates. Half of the pirates are still alive and were simply knocked unconscious during the battle. These include two humans, a vrusk, and dralasite and a yazirian. The group makes sure all are firmly bound and guarded. When they first come to, some still have the crazed looks in their eyes but this diminishes with time.

When the bodies of both the living and the dead are searched, the group comes up with the following items.

Nine laser pistols with the following powerclip status:
  • 2 are empty
  • 2 have 2 charges remaining
  • 1 has 4 charges remaining
  • 1 has 5 charges remaining
  • 1 has 8 charges remaining
  • 1 has 12 charges remaining
  • 1 has 14 charges remaining

On the pirate leader you found a sonic disruptor connected to a power beltclip that has 38 charges remaining (out of 50). Also connected to the power beltclip is an albedo screen that provides protection vs laser weapons. The leader was also wearing a type of skeinsuit that you have not seen before. On his utility belt, you find a nasty looking melee weapon not dissimilar to those that Carter and Mykel are currently using (uses nightstick damage) as well as two grenades: a frag grenade and a tangler grenade.

All of the pirates were wearing cold suits. They are of better quality than those the group obtained from the lifeboat supplies and can still be worn with skeinsuits. The cold suit of the pirate leader is of especially good quality.

All of the pirates also have minor "pocket stuff" including cheap pocket knives, lighters or everflames, legal narcotics such as cigarettes or dopesticks as well as credsticks. The group finds a total of 1243 credits on disposable (and thus, transferable) credsticks. The pirate that S'lch searched also had a plastic box containing some sort of illegal narcotic. Gorman believes it is a drug known as captagon. Injecting tends to make the person fearless and relentless and is popular among some mercenaries. It also provides a euphoric high during battle. The down side is that the injected target will not know when enough is enough and will often fight to the bitter end.

GM: I will get all this added to the equipment list. Let me know who will be taking laser pistols as well as the pirate leader gear.

Meanwhile, Ensign Fury is having some degree of early success in communicating with the kurabanda. He has learned that this is not the first encounter that the kurabanda have had with pirates but it is the first time that non-pirates (i.e., the group) have fought on their side. The kurabanda have only bows and knives and always come out the worst for encounters with the pirates. They further learn that prior to the arrival of the pirates, there was a loud roaring and hissing sound that permeated the area. The group concludes that these pirates were dropped off by some sort of flying conveyance.

Once the bodies have all been recovered, first aid is complete, and the loot has been taken from the pirates, Carter sits in the corner of the medical tent where there is some degree of warmth and begins working on the Vizoldt chronocom. Within 30 minutes he has broken into the device and has access to all of its functions. He reprograms it so that he and the group can get into it themselves with their own biometrics. A search of the device reveals little in the way of intelligence but "little" is not nothing. He finds a file that indicates that the pirates have some sort of remote base on the edge of a lake for the purpose of research.

Interestingly enough, he also finds a file on what the pirates have learned about kurabanda communications. The nature of the text make it clear that this was not some sort of public good outreach to the kurabanda but more along the lines to being able to give them orders so that they can be captured and used as slaves for the pirate's activities on Volturnus. Carter takes the Vizoldt to George and Ciara who are still conferring with the kurabanda. The language primer goes a long ways towards speeding up the communications process.

GM: Let me know if and how you plan to question the surviving pirates.

S'LCH: The vrusk is more then happy to help out were ever. So he helped secure and 'loot' the pirates, noting with a bit of disappointment that they carried no automatics so he could not reload. He wasn't much of a fighter but he would be even less so when he was out of ammo. He handed over the combat drugs to the more medically trained personal. He will take the pirate vrusk's chill suit (and any other equipment modded for vrusk use) for himself because no one else could really use it

ALZARIX: After the battle and the biocort shot he is feeling a bit better, but not all that great. I do need the minor surgery,, but at this time I or we do not have any place suitable for restful recovery. If we can find a place for that then I would say yes.

ALZARIX: As for the pirates, we should see if we can get any information out of them like base location. How many are there. What equipment they have. Why they are here? Things like that. But as to what to do with them I would suggest that we let the Kurabanda decide on there fate.

ALZARIX: I will call dibs on the Yazarian cold suit and equipment and let him have my cold suit from the shuttle and that's about it.

JIM JITSU: Once Jim lands his mighty blow and knocks the pirate out he will accept any healing he can get.

JIM JITSU: He also will observe the kurabanga relying on his past as an observer of behavior of people although this time its not so much to figure an angle to swindle but to understand their new friends better. LOG check [rolled (88) Failure]. Having just cooperated with kurabanda in a fight he will make a show of bowing without breaking eye contact with the closes member of their species when the fight with the pirate ends.

JIM JITSU: Question to the referee: how bad is Jim's defenses? he has been wearing his Combat Gi since leaving the ship I'm just not sure what condition its in.

JIM JITSU: After obtaining some healing he will see whether there is anything he can repair and aid with organization of stuff. Tech skill check [rolled (52) Success]

JIM JITSU: I would like dibs on a new skien suit if mine civilian skein suit is tore up bad.

S'lch and Alzarix order both the vrusk and the yazirian pirate prisoners to remove their cold suits. The pirates put up some resistance but comply under the threat of death. S'lch and Alzarix claim the two cold suits, clean them up a bit and don them, tossing their discarded lifeboat suits to the two prisoners, who quickly don them to avoid dying of exposure.

The prisoners are not inclined to volunteer any information. Offhanded comments from them indicate that they arrived in the area an hour or so ago with the explicit plan to hunt and kill kurabanda for sport. Although not specifically stated, the group gets the impression that they are to be picked up by the same means later today.

ENSIGN FURY: "I will start interrogating the prisoners shortly after I finish speaking to the Kurabanda."

GM: The group's skeinsuits are in generally okay condition. You've had access to some skeinsuit repair kits over the course of your time on Volturnus so all skeinsuits are still functional though they all have obvious patches. Alzarix, Ciara and S'lch do not have any sort of armor or defense.

GM: The Albedo Skeinsuit should probably go to someone who tends to get into the thick of things fairly quickly. Carter, Jim and Mykel come to mind. Whoever takes the new skeinsuit can give their old one to Ciara and she will then have some protection.

GM: The pirate leader was also carrying a Power Beltpack with both an Albedo Screen and a Sonic Disruptor plugged into it. Who will take this rig? Mykel or Alyson are the obvious choices since both are skilled with Beam Weapons.

GM: Let me know what questions you want George to put to the pirates during his interrogation of them. Once I have a list, I will resolve that.

Communications with the kurabanda are going quite well, especially once Carter unlocked the new Vizoldt chronocom with the kurabanda primer loaded into it. George learns that they have a village about half a day to the north. He also learns that pirates have come to the forest quite a few times over the past year for both the sport of hunting and killing kurabanda as well as capturing them. The kurabanda leader does not know where the kurabanda captives are taken or to what use they are put but he does know that there is a pirate outpost some distance to the east of here on the short of a large lake.

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