Alpha Dawn

Military Skeinsuit
Item Name:Military Skeinsuit
Protection Points:50
Defense Against:Inertia
Description:A skeinsuit is made of light ballistic cloth. It absorbs damage just like an inertia screen. It also can be used along with an inertia screen. A character wearing both a skeinsuit and an inertia screen would take only one-fourth damage from ballistic attacks. The suit is ruined when it takes 50 points or more of damage.

Note that blunt weapons such as fists, martial arts, clubs, nightsticks, etc., do not degrade a skeinsuit while the wearer still gains the benefits. For example, Mykel is hit for 13 points of damage by an opponent wielding a nightstick. The skeinsuit prevents 7 points of damage so Mykel only takes 6 points. His skensuit is not degraded by the attack.

Two types of skeinsuits are available: military and civilian. Military skeinsuits are camouflage green. Civilian skeinsuits look like regular clothing.