Alpha Dawn

Albedo Skeinsuit
Item Name:Albedo Skeinsuit
Protection Points:
Defense Against:Inertia/Lasers
Description:New technology in skeinsuits combines the effects of a skeinsuit with the effects of an albedo suit. The albedo skeinsuit is made of rugged, silvery material that helps absorb inertia damage and reflect laser damage.

All inertia damage is reduced by 50%, rounded up (i.e., 11 points of damage is reduced to 5 points by the albedo skeinsuit).

Laser damage is reduced by 33%, rounded up (i.e., 13 points of damage is reduced to 8 points by the albedo skeinsuit).

Like normal skeinsuits and albedo suits, the albedo skeinsuit degrades with use. In the above two examples, the albedo skeinsuit would suffer 5 points and 8 points of damage for a total of 13 points. When the total damage reaches 60, the skeinsuit becomes useless.

Albedo skeinsuits come with repair kits that allow the wearer to repair up to 90% of the damage, rounded down. In the above example where the skeinsuit suffered 13 damage, 11 of those points are repairable with the repair kit. Thus, even with constant repair, the albedo skeinsuit will eventually be reduced to tatters.