Campaign Info\Flaws

Animal Hatred2000One common type of animal will always threaten, and potentially attack, the character on sight. The animal gains a +10 to SC and +2 to damage when attacking the character.
Blue Blood3000Every hit with a slashing weapon causes a bleeding wound. Such wounds bleed at a rate of 1 point per round. Thus, if you get hit 3 times with a sword, you will bleed 3 points per round.

A character with this flaw can automatically stop one point of bleeding each round. The character can take no other actions and must have bandages on hand.

Those with First Aid skill or Animal Healing can assist the character with this flaw in stopping bleeding with successful skill rolls. Partial Success indicates 1 point is stopped. Near Success results in 2 points being stopped. Success indicates 3 points stopped. Absolute Success indicates that all bleeding wounds are bandaged and no more bleeding occurs.

Healing spells can stop bleeding wounds but at the expense of actual healing. For example, if you are down 20 hit points, and have 4 wounds bleeding 1 point per round, and are hit with a Cure Light Wounds for 5 points, the first 4 points go to stopping the 4 bleeding wounds and you are only actually healed 1 point.
Colorblind - Partial500Character cannot distinguish certain colors. Red, green colorblindness is the most common.
Colorblind - Total2000The character sees everything in black, white and shades of gray.
Complusion1500You have a psychological compulsioin of some sort, which can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gambling, exaggeration, or just talking.
Debt1000The character starts the game with a debt of 1000 silver. The character must payback a total of 1250 silver within 5 years. Additionally, the character must make an interest payment at the beginning of every year equal to 10% of what is still owed. The character's backstory must indicate why he owes the debt and to whom.
Dimensional Susceptibility2000Any time the character uses any type of teleportation type magic or device, they suffer 2d12 damage, with a 10% chance of also sustaining a Crush critical. Note that this could be a magic item or potion that allows Blink, Dimension Door or Teleport, or a device that teleports the character.
Driving Goal2000
Easily Bruised2500All attacks do one additional point of damage. Every attack will do at least 1 point of damage even if the roll was not enough to get through protection.
Easily Enraged2500Character is easily enraged by a certain type of creature or event. When faced with the creature or event, the character must make a 2x WP roll to avoid physically attacking the target of their rage. Once the subject of their rage is unconscious or dead, they must make a 3x WP roll to recover or they will continue to attack someone or something else (GM to to decide who or what).
Easily Intoxicated500A single glass of beer and this character is already feeling the effects.
Heavy Sleeper1500Noise alone will not normally arouse this character once he has gone to sleep. He must be shaken repeatedly. After 2 complete rounds of shaking, the character is allowed a 1x PER roll to awaken. If shaking is continued, this increases to 2x PER the following, and so on, as long as the shaking continues.
Illiterate3000The character cannot read or write. He may still learn languages but can only speak them.
More Food1000This character needs twice as much food as a normal person.
Night Blind2500The character cannot see at night regardless of how bright the moon is shining. Without a light source, they are considered completely blind. This flaw cannot be taken by someone with infravision.
No Infravision2000This flaw can only be taken by someone who would normally have infravision, such as an elf or dwarf. Note that the flaw prevents all forms of persistent infravision so if it was taken by an elven illusionist, their Witchsight talent could not be used to compensate. If they chose to buy up Witchsight, they would get the ability to see invisible granted by the talent, but not infravision. However, they could still develop and cast an Infravision spell on themselves since that is not persistent.
Noisy1000No matter how hard he tries, this character cannot be stealthy. An inopportune sneeze, a trip and fall, something will always happen to give this person away when attempting to be stealthy.
Poor Eyesight1500PER is considered to be 5 points less when it comes to sight perception rolls. All ranged attacks suffer a penalty of -10 to hit.
Poor Hearing1000PER is considered to be 5 points less when it comes to hearing perception rolls.
Poor Parry2000Normally, a character can suffer a -2 to strike chance to gain a +1 to defense. A character with this flaw must sacrifice -3 to SC to gain a +1 DEF. Thus, a normal person could declare a -20 to SC to gain a +10 to DEF, but this character would have to declare a -30 to SC to get the same +10 to DEF. Normal maximums on how much can be sacrificed apply.
Preferred Target2500
Sinker1000The character has abnormal density and simply cannot float in water without assistance.
Slow Reaction Time2000-5 to all initiative rolls
Speech Impediment1500
Susceptible to Air Magics1500The character suffers a -20 to his saving throw vs. lightning, cold and ice, as well as all spells from the College of Air Magics. This also includes attacks from creatures from the elemental plane of air. Additionally, all damage is increased by 25%.